Thursday, October 18, 2012


I wonder is it too early to get into Spring mode of year 2013? We didn't even know whether the year 2012 will end for real lol. Nevertheless that moment when I saw this dress, the first thing I thought of was 'Spring is coming 春天来了' hahaha. 

Black and yellow black and yellow hitam kuning

Why is the dress will reminds me of Spring? Because I saw a lot of Spring 2013 collection such as DKNY, Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and more include yellow colour as one of the main colour in their next year collection. If you saw yellow colour apparels which suits your skin colour, you might as well just buy it now and keep it until next year's Chinese New Year/ Spring. :D

Vogue-ish make

The dress's design + colour is one that day's look's main point, decided not to divide people's attention on it and go for a more Vogue-ish make-up. Dark eye-shadow which match with the black stripes of the dress and nude for the rest of the face. In love with the KATE's Rouge EX Nude Beige colour lipstick that moisture and the same time it gives my lips a fuller outlook and medium-pigmented but still sheer enough for a neutral look. 

That day, I dress up for a special occasion that took place at The Scot's, Jaya One.

For Amber Chia Academy instructors and models as known as the ACA Family, it's a surprise birthday party host by Swing and Sheena for a person that's so important to all of us that without him, coordination of shows and dealing with clientele may be difficult for all of us. He is none other than...

James ChiSeng Tan!!!!

The pitiful amount of balloon that we bought and blew at the last minute
It was a tough task, most of us have such a hard time to blow it up. *ahem*

Decoration all done by models!
This is how much we all love him.

Special birthday greetings on a cake, hand written by Sheena

It was a delayed birthday party, so James totally have no idea we're going to celebrate for him on that day. The plan was so perfect that he thought he was going to a normal dinner with the instructors and staffs. That moment when he came into the room, getting surprised seeing all of us are there holding a cake with lighten up candles and singing birthday song to him, we wish it was an unforgettable moment for him.

Le Super Star of The Night - James ChiSeng Tan!!!!

Two of my favourite man in ACA Family - Ben and James.

Happy Birthday to You James~!!!

You know we love you right? :D

Colleagues and Friends

One of the best feeling is to have a group of people who witness and helped you grow in your life and yet, celebrating special moments and have fun together. Choosing Amber Chia Academy, become their graduates and a professional model and get to know all these wonderful people is one of the best decision I've made in my life.

Last but not least, Thank you very much James for all the things you've done for us models and for Amber Chia Academy, we hope you enjoyed the party as much we do and wish you many happiness and a great life ahead!!!

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