Wednesday, October 3, 2012

KATE Autumn Winter 2012 New Collection

Became a make-up demo model for the first time, and lucky enough, it's one of my favourite Japanese brand - KATE!!! I'm in love with KATE ever since the brand came into Malaysia, I love how Mika Nakashima rocked the products as well, and for now, Kuroki Meisa is their latest brand ambassador *like*.

Went Neon Rock that day lol.

Huge backdrop of Kuroki Meisa~ *o*

Yes, as you can see the wordings at the back drop, I'm one of the few that's gonna witness KATE's Autumn Winter 2012 new collection first in Malaysia! So happy~! Their new products have this new technology that turn its liquid foundation to powder in 15 seconds, best of all, let your face remain shine free all day long! Isn't something awesome? No more liquid + compact powder combination.

Sneak peek of the new stuff! 

The glamourous decorations and setup, all so 'KATE'.

light make-up base done.

In working dress~

All the woman in black~
So happy to know all of them, fun people they are you couldn't imagine!

As I've said earlier, this is my first become a make-up demo model, I always wonder how will it feel like to be one, and look, this is how:

Have to help the make-up artist take the make-up tray and sit there and smile~

TADAAA~ Make-up done using KATE's latest products!
Super love everything that's on my face!

This is Sue, the make-up artist that do my make-up.
Thanks for the pretty make-up, nicely done even though you're nervous haha. :D 

Now with KATE, there are no more rules when it comes to apply make-up. They have the technology that even the beginners in doing make-up can easily pick it up and look gorgeous by using KATE's product, no matter the foundation, blending of eye-shadow colours or lip colours.

Thanks to everyone that made this working experience a pleasurable one. Definitely miss all the models that day and the funny chats we had during tea time lololol. Hope can work with you girls again! ^_^

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