Friday, October 12, 2012

Klang Parade Fashion Week Show

Went all the way from Setapak to Klang for two consecutive Saturday to do a show that Klang Parade had for the first time ever - Klang Parade Fashion Week! 

As I mentioned before in other blog post/twitter, I only been to Klang Parade once to do a dance performance and that was fetch by the person in charge. I never drive there, so I ask my friends about alternative routes and put my faith on my phone's GPS. But guess what, the 2 trip I made go and back, I used all different routes and I don't know why. lol. Probably I suck at driving with Phone's GPS, totally don't know how to drive with the phone on my lap and have to pay attention both the phone screen and the road. 

Worked with the juniors of Amber Chia Academy this time. They are wayyyyy younger than me, and some are wayyyyyy taller than me, they have a lot of potential and a bright future. Some of them even stay at Johor and Seremban, purposely come all the way up to Klang just to do the show and gain more on-stage experiences. Good attitudes and patience are going to lead them a long way in modeling and fashion industry. Gambatte, all the juniors!!!

Here are some of the photos for the 1st day show at Klang Parade:

Make-up: Myself
Hair: March Hair Studio ( not done yet, just 50% complete, lol)

Klang people are so down to earth that I actually learn so many things from the hairstylist at March Hair Studio. She analyzed my hair condition and tell me to use what kind of product to maintain the moisture of my hair. Luckily my hair are quite healthy but dry at the ends, I believe that a lot of girls faced the same problem as me, especially those who dyed their hair, dry and split ends are permanent problems. So during the Beauty 12 Expo, I bought this product called 营养水 (Nutrition Water), and spray it at the ends of my hair after I wash it, before blow dry. Now my hair looks and feels smoother, really thanks to the hairstylist who gave me her precious advice.

My hair for that day. Suits casual outfit that we done for the show.

Skyle, KaiFeng, Kimmy and Me chilling at OldTown after the show.

The 2nd day show:

Make-up provided by ST Make-up Academy
Hair are same as previous - March Hair Studio

My make-up artist of the day - Iris

More photos on the looks

The 2nd week, they decided to showcase more elegant dresses instead of just casual outfits, so we were given Herve Leger and evening dress to wear on that day.

My outfits of that day's show. 

The stage at Klang Parade is a bit small compare to KL's shopping mall, hence we had to change out outfit really, REALLY fast as there are only 5 of us. The last 3 outfit for the girls were super tight and definitely need help from each others to dress up. The last dress, which is a lace up dress is the hardest outfit to dress up of all. We even have to ask the guys to help us to tie it up for us lololol. You totally can't imagine how rush we are at the backstage.

Even though we rush like mad at the backstage, but once we're out on the stage, we have to pretend nothing happened, and walk elegantly. Talk about face changing lol. So happy we managed to pull it off and successfully did the shows without any major mistakes. Yayyy~!

What do models do after/before show? Photo taking!

Model + Model = Models = Vain. 

Photo courtesy of ST Make Up Academy

Thank you Amber Chia Academy for this opportunity, and Kak Siti and Mr. Jimmy who did all the cueing and arrangement for us, hairstylists from March Hair Studio, Make-up artists from ST Make Up Academy and all the outfit sponsors from various shops located inside Klang Parade. Thank you very much to all the juniors, had a great time working, chatting and yumcha-ing with you all~! ^o^/*

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