Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last Day of Femme

Femme is the theme for Malacca's Mahkota Parade fashion week. It lasted for weeks and I'm one of the model that walked the runway for its last day show. On that day, our apparels are all by Mirabelle, a brand that only available at selected Parksons outlet, and it is inspired and founded by a Hong Kong movie celebrity - Almen Wong 黄佩霞.

This is the 3rd time I went to Malacca, but didn't have anytime to visit around at all lol. We reached there about noon, rushed to rehearsal, fitting, hairdo and make-up. Don't even have time to get eat proper meal as lunch. McD take-away it is! lol. 

Hair styled by Meglio Hair Studio
What's better than your hair being styled by not one, but two hairstylists?

Make-up by Brush Up Academy

It's been quite some time since make-up artist sticks double eye-lid tape on my eyes. The imbalance size of my eyes are getting a bit serious as time goes by and sometimes, if I draw my eyeliner wrong, the imbalance can be seen from afar and super obvious in photos. I wonder there's anything to fix my eyes but no, I don't wanna get it done by surgery...

The make-up artist helped me redesign my eyebrows as well because of imbalance problem (again!). Now I have thin eyebrows and I like'em a lot! Makes me look less fierce but more feminine. Hehe. You know, there's saying that pretty girls have balance face feature, apparently I'm not one. (/___\) 

Selca time at backstage

Me and other pretty models from KL.

Dressed in Mirabelle's apparel and ready to rock the stage!

I seldom dress as feminine as this lololol.

After the show, I wanted to buy Nadeje cakes but too bad, there's just too many people queuing outside the Mahkota Parade outlet. :((( If only I had more time and not rushing back to KL. But anyway, had a fun time with the girls and cozy ride. Thank you very much for this lovely experience. ^_^

Will do another update about Femme when I get the on-stage photos from photographer. :D
Stay tune!

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