Monday, October 22, 2012

Of Last Week

It's been quite an eventful week for me as I've been traveling between KL and Ipoh few times a week just to spend more time with my family. The journey itself is quite tiring as I most travel alone and I'm quite paranoid about whether I'll be late to catch the train or did I drive over the speed limit but in the end, seeing Xuan Xuan welcomes me with a smile or when I attend event/work for shows back in KL, it worth all the tiredness. 

Watched rain drops racing with each other on the train's window.

Rainy season is here and it's a nightmare for every single driver out there in Klang Valley. Massive jam and flood, tree falls, accidents etc it's very horrible to even think of it. Thank God I seldom drive nowadays or whenever during heavy rain days, I'm not at KL lololol. Pity those drivers out there, please be extra careful and save some dry foods like bread and biscuits inside your car, you never know when you gonna need it.

Tiramisu from Indulgence

Ipoh-ians should know that Indulgence is one of the good place you can find delicious gourmet in Ipoh area. I've heard stories about Sultan or Royalties went there to have their dinner as well, so few years back when I saw bloggers who got invited by BMW programme to have their lunch there I was like: OMG Super lucky bunch of people!!! 

Lucky me had their cake recently! One is Chocolate Mud Cake and another one is Tiramisu. The Chocolate Mud Cake was a bit dry and not enough chocolatey taste but I love their Tiramisu. I don't like strong rum taste in Tiramisu and this taste exactly no rum(halal I guess?)! Creamy, soft, smooth, with two strawberries to go with, I love it!!!

Long fringe look

Short fringe look

Freshen up my looks and had my fringe cut at Toyako Salon. I like the salon so much I keep going back to them. Hairstylists warm and friendly personality is one of the reason, second is they cut hair that matches my style/face shape that each time there are friends who praises my new hairstyle. :D 

This time, instead of heavy dolly bangs which they did for me in June, they cut my fringe in a not so neat way to suits my mature/mode/sophisticated 熟女 look. I think I should abandon the girly, cute, dolly dream in me and just drown in the Rock/Mode/Vogue/High Fashion kinda look. (But I still wanna act cute... Really cannot meh??? T___T)


Blazer: UNIQLO
Tank: Nichii
Jeans: F21
Heels: Vincci
Bag: Banane Taipei

The next thing I gotta look to add into my wardrobe is a pair of jeans. So hard to find a slim-looking tight fitting ones and I have low budget boohoo. 

Figurines, Figurines Everywhere! 

I recalled I saw this 'figurine car' in newspaper some days ago and that day, I saw it with my own eyes while me and my mum were on the road going to Ipoh. So many figurines sticked on the whole car both inside and outside! Even my mum took out her iPhone and took photos of the car haha. I guess this is how 'you do things your way without bother how people look at you' should look like. Even the spare tyre carrier writes: FYEAH!!!

Hyper Xuan on the train that doesn't allow me to rest for even one second hahaha.


He followed me back to KL for 3 days just to spend time with me + pay his Ah Gong aka my dad a visit. It's been months since my dad last saw him, he misses him dearly, keep kissing him, hug him and talk to him. Haha. Xuan seems startled and shy away from my dad... Hahaha. 

Now he's sleeping soundly on his bed back in Ipoh and I'm starting to miss him so much. He didn't cry when we waved goodbye with each other at the train terminal but I saw his eyes were teary. I cried a little while I was driving but I know we will see each other again soon. It seems he learned to deal with goodbyes and being apart with me now, in a mature way, I hope it'll be something benefit to him instead of the cons. 

Bye bye~ See you again soon!!!

Last but not least...

Bought a full body mirror!!! Something to feel happy about (at least for today).

It seems there'll be no excuses for me to not dress up and snap my looks of the day anymore. Okay, I will be more hardworking!!! Gambatte Reiko!!!

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