Friday, November 30, 2012

Life of Pi

It's been quite some time I didn't watch movie alone, and for this particular movie - Life of Pi, I wanted to watch alone. I wanted to truly feel the magical feelings which Ang Lee brought to me through this movie without any disturbance from anyone. Don't even wanna miss a blink of a scene.

I bought the ticket one day earlier, I just can't wait to watch the movie, but first thing of all - I have to finish the book! I knew the existence of Life of Pi book ever since I saw Cheesie tweet about it, I've been thinking of buying that book but it just didn't happen. Let's say I'm more of an online reader than a physical book reader. I can read blogs, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Weibo for hours and hours but it's been so long since I touch a novel I'm not sure whether I have the determination of finishing one. But my determination of finishing the Life of Pi book before I watch the movie actually gave me a great achievement kind of feeling that I think I'm in love in reading again. (I'm in the search of next book to read, any recommendations?)

Life of Pi, many had read the book, and now it became a movie directed by famous director Ang Lee, a fear to the lovers of the book will be: Will the adaptation become lousy that it has nothing resembles to the spirit of the book? To me, I think Ang Lee and his team did a great job. There are details missing here and there, well, you can't possibly just fit the whole 300 over pages of story into a 2 hours movie don't you? Even James Cameron or Christopher Nolan can't do it, it's impossible to have every single detail followed closely to the book, but Ang Lee bring the audience to witness the beauty of the story from another angle - The VFX technology and effects that are so astounding that I wanted to visit Pondicherry, I wanted to become Pi Patel that sails across the Pacific ocean with a Bengal tiger on a lifeboat, I wanted to witness the city of sea at night, the whale, the starry nights and the carnivorous island. When the story ends, I wanted it to believe that it is a TRUE and REAL story rather than just Yann Martel making it up.

Too bad, it is still fiction. It is not a 'based on a true story' movie, but Yann Martel and Ang Lee made it. It made audiences questioned: Is it possible for a young boy to sail across the Pacific ocean for 227 days without being eaten alive and survived? Is it possible? Can it be true? Honestly, after I read the book, I have this surreal feeling that Pi Patel is someone that exists in this world, and with the visuals of the movie, the feeling became stronger and stronger. I think I'm being carried away, far far away from this story. lol.

Anyway, I didn't regret watching it alone and in 3D, the graphics were awesome it feels like I'm at the ocean with Pi and Richard Parker, the tiger. The background music that matches the visual so much it literally brings my senses to another universe that I am unable to describe them with words. I do hope you will embark on this journey of watching Life of Pi and discover a whole new world by yourself. There's more, my friend Danielle Ang and the whole Malaysian team from Rhythm and Hues Studio worked as BG prep artist for this movie, feels so proud that Malaysian can too be in team with director like Ang Lee and produced something as amazing as this.

This movie may not be something huge, like a summer blockbuster movie, but just because it isn't, it has the ability to come nearer to our soul, speak nearer to our ears and get closer to our heart to let us feel the movie. Life of Pi is a story that make you believe in what you believe in, and I conclude my this blog post with a few quotes from the book that I like:

"Life is so beautiful that death has fallen in love with it, a jealous, possessive love that grabs at what it can."

’ Life is a peephole, a single tiny entry onto a vastness.’

“The world isn't just the way it is. It is how we understand it, no? And in understanding something, we bring something to it, no?
Doesn't that make life a story?”

Last but not least, my favourite quote from the book:

“If you stumble about believability, what are you living for? 
Love is hard to believe, ask any lover. 
Life is hard to believe, ask any scientist. 
God is hard to believe, ask any believer. 
What is your problem with hard to believe?”

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Only Beauty Bloggers Launch Party

I wrote about OnlyBeauty (Haven't read that post? HERE!!!) and here I am, as one of the bloggers who gets to attend OnlyBeauty's Bloggers Launch Party that took place Posh! Nail Spa. 

The launch party starts at 10a.m. and imagine I got to wake up at 8a.m. to prepare myself and fetch Jean and Lisa and headache bout the roads in T.T.D.I area, but still manage to find the exact location of Posh! Nail Spa thanks to Jean's phone haha. Reached that road only I remembered I went to the same area for casting years ago. 

Posh! Nail Spa
Located at 31, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7 Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000, KL.

I thought we were 'quite' on time but I was wrong... There are already so many bloggers reached the place and they are starting their pedicure session! So automatically we're sorted into Batch 2, who will start off the launch party programme with Laughter Yoga.

The whole place is filled with  love
Courtesy of PartyMooMoo

All the wonderful people that made the launch party of Only Beauty Bloggers programme a success!
Thank you to each and everyone of you. 

First thing to kick start the launch party - Welcome speech by Mr. Wong
He's the President of OnlyBeauty.

Of course, how can we go on without having Tammy from Plus Size Kitten speak a word or two?
Without her arrangements, there won't be Only Beauty Bloggers and the launch party!
Thank you Tammy 

After the short welcome speech and briefing of what's lining up for us on that day, off we go to another area which we are going to do our Laughter Yoga. I've always wanted to try Yoga but this is the first time for me get to sneak peek of what Laughter Yoga is all about! Well, as what girls always do, selca comes first before anything else:

Like what Lisa said, we're the Setapak gang! Haha.
We should hang out together more often.

She's Kitti, and she's our Laughter Yoga instructor.

She's fun and bubbly and I really like seeing her laugh, it makes me laugh at the same time too. She can laugh and laugh non-stop over some very small stuff, let's say - the laughter of Fatin or out of nothing. Her hearty laugh did shocked me at first but then, it infected me and I start to feel happy and I wanted to laugh whenever I hear her laugh. lol. That's why they say: Laughter can be infectious. Laughter Yoga started from India since the mid 1990s. The concept of this Laughter Yoga is this: Fake it until you Make it! 

Yes. It is that simple. Our body can't differentiate real laugh or fake laugh, so even though you fake your laugh, Endorphins will still be produced inside our body and from the view of beauty aspect, Endorphins make us stay young and beautiful! Now, tell me, have you found a reason to laugh? I surely found mine!

Besides Laughter Yoga, there's a session where we're asked to recall happy childhood memories or write/doodle our sadness and anger on a piece of paper where in the end we tore apart the paper into small pieces. Honestly, it makes me feels good. Maybe there's something you feel sad or angry about but you can't speak to anyone about it, you can write it in a piece of paper, and tear everything into small pieces, then just leave everything behind and move on. Hope this lil exercise can turn me and those who are reading this a lil bit happier than before. Try it at home! :D

There's a Laughing Contest in the end of the day guess what, Fatin won the contest with her unique laughter that even Kitti surrendered in the end. Hahahahahahaha make me feels like laughing now when I try to recall the laughing contest. 

Another selca shot before we start our Mani Pedi session + Color Personality Analysis session~

Ever since I had my first manicure session done, I'm pretty much addicted to manicure and pedicure. Make-up on my face can't satisfy my hunger for being beautiful anymore, I need to be beautiful in every possible way I can, including my nails and toe nails. *Super Vain Reiko appears* Thanks to Posh! Nail Spa who sponsored the Gel Manicure and Classic Pedicure to each and every bloggers, we get to leave the place with beautiful colours painted on our nails.

They're using higher technology of LED UV Machine which only took 30 second to dry a layer of gel coat where normal UV lamp took about 2 minutes! Fast and efficient, me likey~!

While getting pampered with pomegranate scrubs and nails trimming, we were greeted by Evelyn who is from PartyMooMoo which happens to be a Color Therapist as well. She will help us find and understand more about ourselves by letting us know what colour personality we are.


Guess which colour personality I am.

Colour Personality tells a lot about us, and we were given a bag of balloon strips which has different colours and choose one colour that we're partically fond of. I chose blue out from the rest, but my colour personality is orange. Both are contrast colour of each other and that kinda explains something as well: I wanted to be Blue where in real life I'm an Orange. (lol funny explanation I know.)

So what does Orange means? Here's a brief explanation:

  • Enthusiasm, fun, health, wide interests, humour, expressive.
  • Creative, joyful, spontaneous, adaptable, self-respecting
  • Look on the bright side of life
  • You love life, decide what you want and go for it!

So these are some key points personality of an Orange colour personality person, but deep inside, I wanted to be a Blue person. If you happens to be rejecting or disliking a colour, there's an explanation for this as well - You refuse to be something. Like me, I never find Orange colour to my liking, I try to avoid Orange whenever I could, I don't have anything Orange in colour in my wardrobe... But Evelyn said: Look deeper, there's a reason why you dislike your own colour personality. Now I know why, and I'll try to grow some love for my colour. 

If you want to know more about Colour Personality, do hop to Colourzwork and see what they have to offer!

By the time we done our mani and pedi, it's already past 1p.m. and gosh we're starving. What greeted us was delicious food, beautiful cupcakes and a super duper awesome cake!

I had 2 of this! They are delicious~!!!

LOLA Cake, signature from Wondermilk.
This is my very first time seeing a rainbow cake with my own eyes that I puked rainbow, literally.
I swear I'm gonna get this as my birthday cake next year!!!

The launch party has come to its climax - cake cutting ceremony with Tammy and all the bloggers that attended the party that day! 

Everybody, keep calm and cut the cake! XD

Last but not least, a group photo with all of the girls.

Dress code for the day: Pink
Thank you for the goodie bag that fills with tons of L'oreal products, I feel like a L'oreal Ambassador lol.

Thank you very much to OnlyBeauty who organized this launch party to welcome us bloggers on board, and Posh! Nail Spa for the wonderful manicure and pedicure session. Of course, not to forget, Kitti the Laughter Yoga instructor that makes us all had a good workout just by laughing out loud and Evelyn to help us understands ourselves more and more. It was really such a fun girls day out with the bloggers who share the same passion about blogging and beauty stuff.

Last but not least, thanks to Tammy and all of the girls who made my day! Hope to see you guys soon in another blogger event from OnlyBeauty! :D

Here are some of the information of the sponsors of the launch party, do log on to their website or call if you're interested in any of their services ^_^

Only Beauty Website
Free Samples for you to review

Posh! Nail Spa
31, Lorong Dato Sulaiman 7,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
03 7724 1890 (TTDI Branch)
03 7877 0815 (SS2 Branch)

Laughter Yoga Instructor
Miss Chang Kit Ti
012 737 9759

Party MooMoo

Colour Personality Analysis
Miss Evelyn

Create Your Own Signature Mocktail Event by Big Onion & Monin

Big Onion Food Caterer started its humble business since year 2005 and it has grown in strength and numbers to be the caterer for a lot of functions such as meetings, corporate events, weddings, birthday party and private events. This time, together with Monin, Big Onion has bring its catering service to another level - Create your own signature mocktail for your cocktail event. 

The Mocktail and Cocktail Hi-Tea Party was held in Suen Jeweller Boutique and many were invited to witness the presentation of Cocktail canapés by Big Onion and representative from Monin - Juno, demonstrated to the guests of helping them to create their own signature mocktail.

Cocktail canapés of the event 

Big Onion has stormed up a feast of tantalizing and lavish food spread for everyone to have a gastronomy experience. Food varies from savoury to sweets with unlimited buffet line and canapés. Just to name a few gastronomy items that would catch anyone’s attention: lobster, salmon, macaroon, red velvet, tiramisu, cheese shooters and many more. Here are some closed up photos of the delicious food:

Aren't they make you drool in front of your computer now?

The hi-tea party was more than just about food. In conjunction of Monin's 100 years celebration, the representative Juno had demonstrated creating clients' own signature mocktail according to their preference of sweet, sour, spicy or bitter taste. Big Onion's chef - Foo, were at the event to answer clients' questions regarding tailoring canapés for their private event. Guests eyes were feasted by blings from Suen Jeweller Boutique's jewelries collection that just located next door.

The afternoon ended with a blast of gastronomic food and signature cocktails and mocktails. It was a memorable event for the guests and hosts as well. 

For more information about Big Onion and caterer service they provide, CLICK HERE!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Twilight Saga Marathon

Movie marathon, most of us did it at home, with the comfort of couch and able to pause the movie whenever you want, but how does it feels like when you go to a movie marathon that consists FIVE movies and you're gonna spend your whole night in a cinema?

We were the among the first in Malaysia to participate in The Twilight Saga Marathon, thanks to my friend Kevin who won the ticket, courtesy of Red FM and Cathay Cineplex Damansara. The movie marathon starts from 9p.m. and end at 8:30a.m. the next morning. It is really, really long hours to spend in a cinema. I've always wanted to go to a movie marathon since I knew there's one happened before - The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, but I think the whole duration will not be as long as this one!

I never thought of myself attending this movie marathon actually, if you followed my Twitter and read my tweets for the last few days. I have to work from 6:30p.m. till 9p.m. on that day and I think I'll be late for the first movie, so I asked my friend to search for other people who are interested with the movie marathon, too bad he can't find any, so I still get to go wahahahaha *happy*. 

The fact is, my work delayed until 10:30p.m. I rushed the fastest I could and when I reached the cinema hall, it's only about 15mins left for the first movie! FML! I don't know what happened at all, between Bella and Edward, I don't know how they met each other and what happened, I only know by the time I reach the cinema Bella's thigh injured during a fight between the vampires. lol. Fyi, I never watch Twilight before, not even once. That's why I'm quite looking forward to it. 

Red FM crews gave away freebies and limited edition Twilight merchandises during the break.
There's a 10 - 15mins of toilet break between every episode. 

The Red FM crews manage to get everyone to stand up and rush/jump and snatch the freebies and merchandises. Kevin got a cap!!! And other stuff which I can't recall. I didn't really participate in getting the merchandises because I think there are more fan girls that would appreciate them more than I will. I just participate to get myself pumped up and get lasting energetic spirit to last for the whole night. lol. 

Thank you so much Kevin for this amazing experience of spending the night inside a cinema.

Since this is my first time watch The Twilight Saga, all I can say that it is a beautiful love story which teenage girls would dream of. I've always liking the vampires (I mean not the vampires in Twilight but vampires in general) and the way Twilight presents the vampires are an eye-candy to the female audiences. Who can resist to look at such good and mesmerizing looking vampires on the screen huh?

People been attacking and insulting Twilight for all these years, but I seriously don't get it why. If you dislike a movie, just move on, no? There's no need to make harsh statements on how gay the vampires look, how shitty the movie is (unless you're a movie critic) or how you think other love story is better than this because when it comes to love and emotions, each and every person have their own preferences. I think the concept of 'Forever' is pretty much attractive to me as it is something so rare nowadays, who can be so sure to say that they can love a person till forever, right?

I wore my pajamas to the cinema, maximum comfort just like at my own house hahahaha.

I seriously laughed at my own photos when I saw how ridiculous I look like in pajamas at a cinema. No wonder the people who saw gave me such weird stare like I'm out of my mind or something but who cares right? My comfort comes FIRST! XD

Time did passed by fast I think. At the moment when Breaking Dawn Part 2 ends, it feels kinda surreal - Did I really just freaking spend 11hours+ inside a cinema? That's why I keep on taking photos in between the break time and one last photo outside the cinema waiting hall just to keep as memories to remind of the awesome surreal feeling of finishing 5 movies in one go. LOL.

I even bring my bunny plushie with me lololol.

My Twilight Saga watching experience is better than yours.
You spend 5 years to witness the epic conclusion but I spend only one night.  XD
(Last but not least - THANK YOU KEVIN!!!!)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Le Ann Maxima Fashion Fanfare Party

Le Ann Maxima, a familiar brand to most of you girls, but not me. I've heard people talking about the brand, I know celebrities wears their dresses to attend events and function, but I never get to know more about the brand until last Friday, when Le Ann Maxima holds its Fashion Fanfare Party at its Jaya One concept store.

I RSVP-ed myself to be one of the guests to attend to the event, I wanted to know more about Le Ann Maxima myself. Amber Chia Academy is one of the sponsor for the event, so I guess I'll bump into a lot of familiar faces that day and I did. lol. 

Le Ann Maxima x Amber Chia Academy

Exciting programmes waiting for us that day!

Honestly, I find their design very chic and quirky, suits the urban always on-the-go female. They have a wide range of clothing style, from casual to workwear to leisure to night gowns that are perfect for gala dinner and events, each and every pieces of their in-house designers pieces are definitely worth it price tag. 

Fall Holiday Season 2012/13

Light refreshments were served to guests that day right before the start of the party. We had fun eating, drinking, walking around the store and have a very close look of the clothes there. I like so many pieces there, and good news is - They are having a year end breakout SALE up to 70% now!!!!! Be sure to check out their stores nearest to you. (See a list of their store location HERE )

Vice President of Le Ann Maxima - Ivan Poon gave a short speech before the fashion showcase starts.

Lovely Make-up Guru from Amber Chia Academy - Jil Yong

Jil will be doing make-up demonstration during the event which will show the guests how to do a nice and presentable make-up in attending events and functions. The first time I meet Jil was during a SASA high-tea session and I found her make-up skill is so good, she did make-up for a lot of celebrities including MIYAVI-SAMA!!!! Credits to her for making MIYAVI looks sooooooo handsome and sexy that night during his concert. 

Demonstrating how to transform yourself into a good looking sophisticated female.

There's a lot of tips given away by Make-Up Guru that I saw all the guests pay their full attention on the demnstration and some of the guests jot down the things in their notebook about what she said. Like what Helena Rubinstein said: There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Don't you agree?

Here comes the highlight of the party - Fashion Showcase. Models are non other than from Amber Chia Academy's professional female models. There's two section of the showcase, I just combined them together for you to have a better view of what they're showcasing that day, of Le Ann Maxima's Fall Holiday 2012/13 collection:

Lovely sky blue lace items. Mad love the shorts!

Greens! Perfect for Spring.

Workwear at day with a jacket on and once it's past 5 o'clock, ladies, took off your jacket and party! 

Heart shapes

A different types of camouflage prints

Finale of fashion showcase part 1!

I had a lot of chocolate tarts and orange fizz drinks during the break after the first sesseion of fashion showcase ended! They tasted so good. Had some good catch up with the models because its been awhile since I last saw them. Feels so good to see them strut the runway with style!

And here's the second session of the fashion showcase:

Dark Blue and Red, such an elegant mix!

Who's the fan of blings like me please raise your hand!!!!
I just can't resist everything that goes bling bling. 

Assymetrical peplum dress, who would've thought of this!

Autumn Winter is here, time for some cool looking leather items.
Of course, let's not forget about the feminine mix. 

Last but not least, elegant yet sultry long evening gowns to end the fashion showcase.

Models of the day (from left to right): Josephine, Wafa and Chloe. Good shows girls!
(Sorry for the overexposure)

There are more surprises awaits guests that day. There's this Q&A session which I'm didn't know exists until Alexio told me bout it. The prizes are definitely worth the wait. They gave away shopping vouchers, accessories, shoes, bags and even dress! Lucky me got a beautiful necklace! Thank you Le Ann Maxima!!!

Alexio, giving out questions for guests to answer.

One of the lucky winners on that day.

A photo with all the lovely models. 

Thank you Le Ann Maxima for a wonderful party that day, it was such a fun party with beautiful models showcasing Fall Holiday collections, tasty refreshments and cheerful friends I met. Girls, now you know where to shop if you're looking for the perfect mixture of catwalk couture and chic pieces don't you? Of course, guys as well, buy your gifts for your girlfriend at Le Ann Maxima will never go wrong!

Happy Weekend to all of you~! I'm so looking forward to December - Christmas month! XD