Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Elite Boxing Thailand vs Asia 2012 | Amir Luqman New Batik Collection Fashion Showcase

Muay Thai is such a big hit among those who do sports nowadays, even girls practise Muay Thai as well (Not me la of course hahahaha). This year, Malaysia is chosen to be the host for Elite Boxing's Thailand vs Asia game in Sunway Convention Centre.

Okay, what does this Elite Boxing have to do with me? Because Amir Luqman is going to showcase new collection of Malaysia's Batik Style in this event and designing dresses for that night's two MCs - Fay Hokulani and Diana Danielle as well. Amber Chia Academy will be sponsoring models for showcasing Amir's new Batik collection, there's where I come in hahahaha.

Sunny sunny day~ 

I am so proud of myself that day because our call time supposed to be 5pm, and I'm the first one to reach the place and started hair and make-up. Luckily hair stylists and make-up artists were there already so I don't have to wander around do nothing. lol.

Make-up make-up~

Under white-er lighting. I like my make-up for that day! 

Amir Luqman's New Collection - Batik

I've worked with Amir Luqman twice before, and both ended in such a good vibes that I'm so looking forward to be one of the model to showcase this new collection. This time, the new collection are Batik inspired and each and every piece of the dress looks so gorgeous. The Batik prints are Kelantan's Batik to be exact, and we're gonna wear in these beautiful dress and showcase them to the all the audiences that attend the Elite Boxing event, and presenting them to the world.

I love this dress, but it's kinda hard to walk in it as the fabric is kinda heavy. 

Cassandra, Kimmy, Angelina, Reina and me.
Guess who's who (except me lol)

Group photo, with the fantabulous Amir Luqman, our dresses' designer of the night!

This second model looks, next second silly look. lol.

This is the first time I ever witness a Muay Thai competition so close to me. Everyone in the event is so tense and yelling,shouting,cheering when the competition is going on. It always give me goosebumps when I see the eyes of two contestants meet and when they start to punch each other. It is a really interesting event that we can see at no where else but in Elite Boxing event or visit Thailand, the land of Muay Thai itself.

Here are two snapshots of the competition I took after we done the fashion show. I just can't resist not taking picture about this:

Here are some photos that I was tagged while showcasing the dress (pictures are credited to the respective photographers/owner's of the media):

When Fashion meets Muay Thai

Kinda weird to see myself on the big screen lol.

Here's the two photos that are published in Berita Harian (Anyone have Berita Harian dated 24th of October? I really need it badly but I don't have Malay friends whom subscribes Berita Harian. Any kind hearted souls here willing to send me a copy?)

I enjoyed doing the show so much, especially with a special accessories - The boxing glove. Such a happy day get to meet Amir Luqman again and of course, thanks to Amber Chia Academy who provided us such a wonderful opportunity to be as a part of this wonderful boxing event that's so special to all of us. 

Last but not least...

One last photo of me in the gorgeous creation of Amir Luqman. ^_^


Henry Tan said...

wow. looks special with the boxing glove!

Shopaholic said...

OOoh that was you!! I was there!! XD http://goo.gl/zylrC You were the only model I showed in my blog. =D

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Henry: Yeah, it's a very special fashion showcase indeed. When we're told to do the walk with the boxing glove we're shocked. lol.

J-Fish: Ehhhh! Thanks for the photo! Love it!!!!