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Hennessy Artistry 2012 - The Pinnacle | The Global Art of Mixing Trilogy

The last installment of Hennessy Artistry Trilogy - The Pinnacle of year 2012 took place at Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) on 3rd of November. It's a very special money-can't-buy kind of party, which everyone is hoping to get the invites from somebody, somewhere, somehow. Lucky me, this year, I got my media pass for this awesome party, all thanks to Don and Manoah. Little did you know, this is my very first time to be going to this spectacular event and I am super excited about it.

Just thinking about what to wear on that day gives me headache. I'm going with my friend - Sheena and she told me it's a very classy event, so you don't wanna be catch wearing a washed out dress or something.  Planned on wearing a colour blocking dress but Sheena think it's way too pink and girlish, and she borrowed me her black dress and accessories. Here's the look I pulled on that day:

Selca nonstop.

Dress and belt all borrowed from Sheena. lol.

One last photo of me doing selca k? Haha.

It rained the whole day that day, but the rain didn't dampen the spirit of party goers, especially when it comes to Hennessy Artistry party. We grabbed our quick dinner from Carl's Jr. drive thru which located at The Mines, and we're all set to make that night a fun and unforgettable one.

The very first person I saw right after the main entrance:

The super sexy DJ Havana Brown! She's Australia's No.1 Female Dance DJ and she's performing on that night as well!

After lined up at registration counter and got our wrist tag, we queue in line, getting ready to savour the very first taste of this clubbing experience that I've been longing for:

We're gonna party hard, and party smart tonight!

There are a series of exciting events take place at all corners of the party arena. There will be Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone, Photowall for photo opportunity with the pretty Hennessy ambassadors, Hennessy 360 camera (too bad I didn't went for that because I don't wanna queue up) and of course - the signature V.S.O.P Hennessy Long Drinks. 

Met my friend Carolyn as Hennessy Ambassador that night.

One photo before the party starts - of me and the gorgeous superstar-alike Sheena!

This is how the stage looks like that night, super cool!

On that night, the line-up of artists performing is amazing, a mash up of Eastern and Western cultures as well as different type of music genres, from Korea to Australia to UK and then USA! There's Block B from Korea, R&B's representative from UK who is Alexander Burke, another hit from the K-Pop sweethearts EVOL, Australia's sexy female DJ Havana Brown and from USA - Nick Terranova as known as DJ Starkillers!

The two hosts of the night - Julie Woon and Sarah Lian

On that night, we were presented with 4 flavours of remixes by the signature Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks: Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Soda, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Berry. I am particular fond of Hennessy Berry because it tasted sweeter and smoother than other flavours that I've tried. A short clip of previous two installment of Hennessy Artistry were shown before the party starts to heat up the party.

And then, the countdown begins.... Here is the first performance, by Korean boy band Block B:

Their performance was so energetic I can't stop head banging!

Then, there's this UK's X-Factor winner - Alexander Burke:

She got really powerful voice.
Sheena said that she can be the UK version of Beyoncé.

And.... I forgot to take photos for the rest of the performance because I was too drown in the awesome music of EVOL, DJ Havana Brown and DJ Starkillers and danced all the way till the party ended at around 1:30a.m. Seriously, this IS the party of the year that no one will forget! We had so much fun dancing, laughing and taking photos. What can be more fun than party with your friends? Check out the photos we took that night and the people I bumped into:

Jennifer Ling, who is a model too!

Leon!!! Such a surprise to see you there!!!
And yes, he is a male model as well.

With Don, thank you for the invites!

Surprisingly saw my ex-colleagues! 

Thank you so much to Hennessy, Hennessy Malaysia and Hennessy Artistry for bringing this wonderful party to all of us! I really can't wait to party at Hennessy Artistry 2013 Trilogy already!

See ya'll NEXT YEAR!!!

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