Friday, November 23, 2012

Le Ann Maxima Fashion Fanfare Party

Le Ann Maxima, a familiar brand to most of you girls, but not me. I've heard people talking about the brand, I know celebrities wears their dresses to attend events and function, but I never get to know more about the brand until last Friday, when Le Ann Maxima holds its Fashion Fanfare Party at its Jaya One concept store.

I RSVP-ed myself to be one of the guests to attend to the event, I wanted to know more about Le Ann Maxima myself. Amber Chia Academy is one of the sponsor for the event, so I guess I'll bump into a lot of familiar faces that day and I did. lol. 

Le Ann Maxima x Amber Chia Academy

Exciting programmes waiting for us that day!

Honestly, I find their design very chic and quirky, suits the urban always on-the-go female. They have a wide range of clothing style, from casual to workwear to leisure to night gowns that are perfect for gala dinner and events, each and every pieces of their in-house designers pieces are definitely worth it price tag. 

Fall Holiday Season 2012/13

Light refreshments were served to guests that day right before the start of the party. We had fun eating, drinking, walking around the store and have a very close look of the clothes there. I like so many pieces there, and good news is - They are having a year end breakout SALE up to 70% now!!!!! Be sure to check out their stores nearest to you. (See a list of their store location HERE )

Vice President of Le Ann Maxima - Ivan Poon gave a short speech before the fashion showcase starts.

Lovely Make-up Guru from Amber Chia Academy - Jil Yong

Jil will be doing make-up demonstration during the event which will show the guests how to do a nice and presentable make-up in attending events and functions. The first time I meet Jil was during a SASA high-tea session and I found her make-up skill is so good, she did make-up for a lot of celebrities including MIYAVI-SAMA!!!! Credits to her for making MIYAVI looks sooooooo handsome and sexy that night during his concert. 

Demonstrating how to transform yourself into a good looking sophisticated female.

There's a lot of tips given away by Make-Up Guru that I saw all the guests pay their full attention on the demnstration and some of the guests jot down the things in their notebook about what she said. Like what Helena Rubinstein said: There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Don't you agree?

Here comes the highlight of the party - Fashion Showcase. Models are non other than from Amber Chia Academy's professional female models. There's two section of the showcase, I just combined them together for you to have a better view of what they're showcasing that day, of Le Ann Maxima's Fall Holiday 2012/13 collection:

Lovely sky blue lace items. Mad love the shorts!

Greens! Perfect for Spring.

Workwear at day with a jacket on and once it's past 5 o'clock, ladies, took off your jacket and party! 

Heart shapes

A different types of camouflage prints

Finale of fashion showcase part 1!

I had a lot of chocolate tarts and orange fizz drinks during the break after the first sesseion of fashion showcase ended! They tasted so good. Had some good catch up with the models because its been awhile since I last saw them. Feels so good to see them strut the runway with style!

And here's the second session of the fashion showcase:

Dark Blue and Red, such an elegant mix!

Who's the fan of blings like me please raise your hand!!!!
I just can't resist everything that goes bling bling. 

Assymetrical peplum dress, who would've thought of this!

Autumn Winter is here, time for some cool looking leather items.
Of course, let's not forget about the feminine mix. 

Last but not least, elegant yet sultry long evening gowns to end the fashion showcase.

Models of the day (from left to right): Josephine, Wafa and Chloe. Good shows girls!
(Sorry for the overexposure)

There are more surprises awaits guests that day. There's this Q&A session which I'm didn't know exists until Alexio told me bout it. The prizes are definitely worth the wait. They gave away shopping vouchers, accessories, shoes, bags and even dress! Lucky me got a beautiful necklace! Thank you Le Ann Maxima!!!

Alexio, giving out questions for guests to answer.

One of the lucky winners on that day.

A photo with all the lovely models. 

Thank you Le Ann Maxima for a wonderful party that day, it was such a fun party with beautiful models showcasing Fall Holiday collections, tasty refreshments and cheerful friends I met. Girls, now you know where to shop if you're looking for the perfect mixture of catwalk couture and chic pieces don't you? Of course, guys as well, buy your gifts for your girlfriend at Le Ann Maxima will never go wrong!

Happy Weekend to all of you~! I'm so looking forward to December - Christmas month! XD

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