Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Snips Gradution Show 2012

Snips, one of the famous hair and make-up academy in Malaysia just held its year 2012 graduation show last month at The Icon. It wasn't my first time to model for Snips but it was my first time to visit the Penthouse located on the rooftop of The Icon. The view of Kuala Lumpur from the rooftop is superb! I would really love to visit the place again during night time, it'll be so romantic!

Okay,  back to the show. On that day, all models are from Amber Chia Academy, with Catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong arrange all the models and choreographs, it feels like we're one big family getting together and make things work! Such a wonderful feeling, especially the outcome of the show is something extraordinaire and audience were treated with astounding sight of modeling show they never seen before. 

Assign model to hair and make-up artists.

Yeah, we only get to know whose masterpiece we'll be modeling on the spot and we totally have no idea of the looks they're gonna create using our hair and face. It's kinda surprising to each and everyone of us models actually. The theme for the show that night is "Shanghai Oriental", and this is my hairstylist - Onggus Mah's creation:

Red and gold flowers, and the center of some flowers are LED light bulbs that will be switch on before I perform.

A lot of seniors and people gave credits to Onggus's creation because of the details and neat work he has done. He haven't been sleeping well for that week because of the graduation show, he gave his best on his creation and I hope that I can model well for his work too!

Bye bye my pretty nude gel nails and ohai bloody red nails, in soft gel as well.

Bare Face Ghetto!
Onggus is so serious when doing his thing.

The backstage space is so limited that some of the models have to move to the audience seating area to get their make-up done. As for me, the make-up artist decided to do it outdoor, I get to see the KL landscape and sky while having my make-up done. Poor make-up artist sweat like mad because he's wearing black and long sleeves some more.

Hand fan prepared by my make-up artist Simonne Cey.
This pose is called 犹抱琵琶半遮面 Ghetto version. lololololol. 

After Simonne suffered for like half an hour, we decided to move indoor but beside the door to get better lighting from the natural sunlight. The indoor lights are quite dim, can't see clearly.

First phase done.
Somehow I feel I looked like Matsuyama Kenichi here don't know why. *delusion*

Simonne working on it...

About 80% done!
I really like the usage of colours and the blending technique, looks so nice.
Simonne is the 1st runner up winner for KPMA Make-Up artist competition held in MidValley earlier October as well.

Finalizing the make-up, clipping everything on my real hair and eating fried rice as dinner all happened at almost the same time. To complete a Shanghai Oriental look creatively is such a long process but when everything is done, the satisfaction isn't something can be explain by words.

Shanghai Oriental - collaboration of Onggus Mah and Simonne Cey.

Sponsored fishtail gown, a very heavy long gown to be exact.

Models are divided into four groups, each and every group has their own choreographs and style. I'm so happy to be placed in the first group and one of the models to do the opening that stunned few audiences for showing up at the audience area. There's so many things running through my mind on that time, I have to think of the poses, have to control my facial expression, have to fully show audiences hairstylist and make-up artist's creative works as well as take care of the tail of my gown for not getting in my way when I walk. It was never easy to be a model.

Show done, finally some time and relaxing moment to take some photos:

I really like the whole look of mine that night.
I think it fits the theme perfectly don't you think so?

The one and only model I get to take photo with - Amanda.

Last selca of that night.
I find my enthusiasm of camwhoring gone landslide down and I find no explanation for it. =X

Here are some few photos that I got tagged in Facebook, photos taken while I'm performing on stage (credit to their respective owners):

Neck pain due to the heavy hair accessories, feet sore because of high heels and lots of make-up remover used because of the crazy creative make-up but it was all worth for the experience on stage. I'm glad the hairstylist and make-up artist like how I presented their work that night that they texted me and say thank you. At first they thought I will ruin their work with lousy cat walk. lol. WHY IS IT SO!!! I can be considered as experienced model okay! LOL.

Thanks to Amber Chia Academy, Benjamin Toong, Swing, My make-up artist Simonne Cey and Hairstylist Onggus Mah and all the models I met that day. Such an awesome day spent with everyone there and wonderful experience added in my modeling career! Thank you! (Anyone wants to collaborate with the hairstylist and make-up artist you can drop me an email I'll link you guys up!) 

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