Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Twilight Saga Marathon

Movie marathon, most of us did it at home, with the comfort of couch and able to pause the movie whenever you want, but how does it feels like when you go to a movie marathon that consists FIVE movies and you're gonna spend your whole night in a cinema?

We were the among the first in Malaysia to participate in The Twilight Saga Marathon, thanks to my friend Kevin who won the ticket, courtesy of Red FM and Cathay Cineplex Damansara. The movie marathon starts from 9p.m. and end at 8:30a.m. the next morning. It is really, really long hours to spend in a cinema. I've always wanted to go to a movie marathon since I knew there's one happened before - The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, but I think the whole duration will not be as long as this one!

I never thought of myself attending this movie marathon actually, if you followed my Twitter and read my tweets for the last few days. I have to work from 6:30p.m. till 9p.m. on that day and I think I'll be late for the first movie, so I asked my friend to search for other people who are interested with the movie marathon, too bad he can't find any, so I still get to go wahahahaha *happy*. 

The fact is, my work delayed until 10:30p.m. I rushed the fastest I could and when I reached the cinema hall, it's only about 15mins left for the first movie! FML! I don't know what happened at all, between Bella and Edward, I don't know how they met each other and what happened, I only know by the time I reach the cinema Bella's thigh injured during a fight between the vampires. lol. Fyi, I never watch Twilight before, not even once. That's why I'm quite looking forward to it. 

Red FM crews gave away freebies and limited edition Twilight merchandises during the break.
There's a 10 - 15mins of toilet break between every episode. 

The Red FM crews manage to get everyone to stand up and rush/jump and snatch the freebies and merchandises. Kevin got a cap!!! And other stuff which I can't recall. I didn't really participate in getting the merchandises because I think there are more fan girls that would appreciate them more than I will. I just participate to get myself pumped up and get lasting energetic spirit to last for the whole night. lol. 

Thank you so much Kevin for this amazing experience of spending the night inside a cinema.

Since this is my first time watch The Twilight Saga, all I can say that it is a beautiful love story which teenage girls would dream of. I've always liking the vampires (I mean not the vampires in Twilight but vampires in general) and the way Twilight presents the vampires are an eye-candy to the female audiences. Who can resist to look at such good and mesmerizing looking vampires on the screen huh?

People been attacking and insulting Twilight for all these years, but I seriously don't get it why. If you dislike a movie, just move on, no? There's no need to make harsh statements on how gay the vampires look, how shitty the movie is (unless you're a movie critic) or how you think other love story is better than this because when it comes to love and emotions, each and every person have their own preferences. I think the concept of 'Forever' is pretty much attractive to me as it is something so rare nowadays, who can be so sure to say that they can love a person till forever, right?

I wore my pajamas to the cinema, maximum comfort just like at my own house hahahaha.

I seriously laughed at my own photos when I saw how ridiculous I look like in pajamas at a cinema. No wonder the people who saw gave me such weird stare like I'm out of my mind or something but who cares right? My comfort comes FIRST! XD

Time did passed by fast I think. At the moment when Breaking Dawn Part 2 ends, it feels kinda surreal - Did I really just freaking spend 11hours+ inside a cinema? That's why I keep on taking photos in between the break time and one last photo outside the cinema waiting hall just to keep as memories to remind of the awesome surreal feeling of finishing 5 movies in one go. LOL.

I even bring my bunny plushie with me lololol.

My Twilight Saga watching experience is better than yours.
You spend 5 years to witness the epic conclusion but I spend only one night.  XD
(Last but not least - THANK YOU KEVIN!!!!)

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Jean said...

LOL ya you definitely had better experience. all at one night!