Friday, November 16, 2012

What Happened Lately

Actually nothing much. LOL. When I think back of how I spent my time for the past few weeks, it's either I'm rushing here and there for work, events and castings, or I'm just spending my time with my family and finally had time watch movie with each and everyone of them. Something I never done with them before!

I think each and every one of my family members have their own preference when come to movie selection. My mum likes thrilling, horror movies, my younger brother likes action, youngest brother likes fiction, fantasy and sometimes action, and my dad... I don't know what he prefers actually. =X Normally I'll find him watching Hong Kong dramas at home via Astro, does that means he likes soap drama or emotional/sentimental type of movies? lol.

First attempt on leopard prints this year! Decided to draw my eyeliners in a more dramatic ways:

Feline Eyes and Earth Tone. The animal instict?

Casual Rock with Leopard prints.

Honestly, I think by watching movies I learned a lot about diversity and perspectives, it's like watching something happening in front of your eyes, each and everytime different incident, different outcomes, different thinking, different way of expressing etc. I can accept a wide range of movies that I find most of the people wouldn't, like my mum, she thinks that watching movie is a type of 'luxury' that you spend your time and money sitting there do nothing. I tried to explain to her my perspectives but it seems she can't see it. But still, she went with me everytime I invite her to horror movie screenings, lol. 

As far as I can remember, Frankenweenie is the FIRST movie I watch with my youngest brother Wilson. I'm glad he enjoyed the movie and find it nice even though it's a bit 'gloomy' and in black and white lol.

Le mum specially buy him a jacket for the movie session because he doesn't have one.
That's how seldom he goes to airconditioned places.

Became a replacement for a friend to help in ushering for the ATV Miss Asia Pageant Final 2012 night. Didn't know that we will be dress up in Gilbert Ng's Weddinspired gown that night. Like what Sheena said: Chiffon is our ELEMENT! Gosh I love chiffon gown so, so much!!! Got a blue one that night and I felt like a mermaid.

Dreamy gradient blue chiffon gown~ Me likey!

My friend - Ling, was one of the Top 18 finalists for the pageant that night. She looked gorgeous!

See this photo? Now stop asking me why I don't join pageant competition already will ya? LOL!

Super long gown. 

Attending castings is one of my routine nowadays. One of the challenging ones is the one that requires me to speak Japanese. At first I thought it is something short, like a self-introduction or so, but it's not. It's a full A4 page, 3 paragraphes of Japanese script that I have to present in front of the camera. I got so panic when I receive the script that I quickly google translate those kanjis that I have no idea about! But yeah, I didn't nail the job, so you know, a lot of wrong pronunciations. haha.

Role of the day - Japanese newscaster for new born baby otter! Hahahaha.

I hate bugs, especially cockroach is the top most hated and feared insect in my list, but this one, got me really worried:

It flew in from my room's window, and I couldn't find what name is the insect after I tried google bout it. The only information I have is that this is an unknown insect that caused skin infections in Vietnam. I don't know how true is that but I definitely don't want to touch it with my bare hands even after I killed it. Ewww~ Living alone really is terrifying sometimes, especially have to deal with insects and bugs. Urgh~*shivers*

I present to you... My dad:

Hahaha. It seems I'm showing all my family members face in this blog post. This is during dinner before Skyfall's premier. Skyfall is the movie my dad watch in cinema after Aladdin which he brought us to when we were small, that makes about 15 - 20 years gap for not stepping into a cinema after that. Such a long, long time right? I'm glad I made the decision to bring my dad to Skyfall's premiere and not anyone else, I really, really hope it is something special he experience for after so long. We had Pasta Zanmai for dinner that night, and it was awful... T_T 

Am a bit caught up with the idea of mermaid lately after I wore the blue chiffon gown from Weddinspired, and when I was invited to a Champagne party at The Pool, with given theme: Pirates of Yelloween on Halloween day, the word "Mermaid Hair" just struck me and I just have to do it! Haha.

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Party

My style of Mermaid Hair
This is the best I could do as my hair is consider short to do the curls.
Super dramatic eyelashes from Daiso!

It was a rainy night and literally the first time I spent Halloween with my friends. Bumped into few of my girl friends that night, had fun taking photos, chit-chatting and drinking. 

Carolyn, dressed up as female pirate working at the event that night.
Kidnapped by a pirate.


Phone's flash sucks to the max. T_T

Jane, my secondary school friend, she looked gorgeous that night in the gold dress!
(Photo grabbed from her FB lol)

The climax of the night that keep girls awwwwwing:


With Sonia babe.
It's been 2 years since I last seen her!

It's the first time I party with Sonia, Jane and Don and definitely my first time had champagne. I think it was quite okay if compare to beer (I dislike beer) but I prefer Johnny Walker Black Label with Coke as I can mix it myself. My perfect mixture of the drink will be: 95% Coke + 5% Liquor. Hahahaha. I just hate the bitterness of alcohol that lingers in my mouth. Even though I mix it like that, I still easily get drunk for like 2 cups after. Sucks to be me when it comes to drinking alcohol.

How many of your dislike camouflage prints? I find it quite nice especially when it is not in khaki + green in colour. When I went to the premiere screening of Soar Into The Sun, I wore my camouflage print jacket that I bought about 8 - 10years back. Luckily still can fit in! Haha

Simple make-up of the day

Camouflage! Military! Air Base! Korean! Rain(Bi)! Aircraft! I'm coming!!!!

After I watched the trailer, I told myself I WILL watch the movie as it is so interesting and thrilling and my favourite Korean celebrity - Rain is the main actor! What can be more satisfying than watching him in such a cool, macho look driving an aircraft! The partner I chose to go to the premiere with me is my younger brother Jason.

A lot of people been saying he's good looking, do you find him good looking as well?

Soar Into The Sun is such a good movie that I cried when one of the pilot died during a mission. Korean never failed to make their audience cry one! There's Rain the macho good looking guy, Shin Se Kyung the Ulzzang Korean girl, some part of the movie look as beautiful as in a music video, and some part is so thrilling that you hold your breathe throughout the scenes! Definitely one of the recommended movie to watch!

Okay, I've been aimlessly typing nonsense in this blog post but it kinda concludes what happened in my life lately. Kinda busy weeks ahead that I find I had no time to sleep until naturally wake-up in the morning for the next few days, which is quite a sad thing to me as 'sleep' is what makes me happy. lol

But anyway, I will tell myself:
Comme des Fuckdown!

Happy weekend to ya'll!!!

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