Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Be Creative ❤

I doodle a lot when I was young that I would buy books and books of art block and draw on them at home. My favourite subject of all time would be Usagi Tsukino, or as known as Sailor Moon! Hahahaha. Whenever I finish a drawing, I will 'shamelessly' paste the drawings on the wall in my bedroom, like a mini exhibition. lol. 

As time goes by, even though the passion of drawing in me didn't lessen a bit, but reality do push us to put down a lot of things. I drew lesser and am more occupied with homework, work and so. But whenever I came across something beautiful, somewhere deep down in me wish I'm able to preserve its beauty into a drawing that can be kept for a long, long time. 

Some time ago, when I saw murals and wall art done by a Lithuanian street artist named Ernest Zacharevic at Penang I was like "WOW! THIS IS MADNESS! This is what art and creativity should bring to human's emotion." Some more, these creative street arts are located inside our own country, our beautiful Penang! 

The famous siblings on a bicycle street art.

The very lively art created by Ernest.

Ernest very first mural at Penang, which has faded as time goes by....

Ernest street art and wall art are just stunning.
(Photos are courtesy of TSNRA)

Thanks to our technology today, drawing and doodling can be more environment friendly without wasting single piece of paper - drawing on a phone. Especially when using a Samsung GALAXY Note II and its S Pen, drawing out your creativity on a phone has never been so easy. 

For those who doesn't own a Samsung GALAXY Note II, fret not, as you can draw on their website called Be Creative. (http://becreative.my/) Not just doodling for fun, you get to submit your drawings to let the celebrities and artists to pick their favourite creative drawings and get to win cool prizes! How awesome is that!!!

Let me show you how:

I'm getting all excited just by seeing the S Pen cursor move around when I move my mouse while waiting for the page to load. 

Be Creative!

There's simple instructions of how to win yourself cool prizes by just being creative

4 artists each has their own design of canvas, you just have to choose one you fancy most and get started!
I choose Ernest of course ❤

This website is so lifely that the moment you choose the artist you want, they immediately comes to life and walk in front to drew you your canvas!

Kiyaaa~ Ernest! ❤▿❤

After you watched "Ernest-in-action", you can start your creative drawings on the canvas he drew for you. There's 3 types of canvas to be choose from, so you can either start your drawing on a blank canvas, or there's other two types which is a potrait and landscape canvas for you to start your splashing colours on it!

Which is your choice?

I choose the blank canvas and this will be my drawing:

Hah! You already know what I'm drawing aren't you!
It's a Christmas tree!!
(Oh my~ Ernest looking at me... *shy* ⪴w⪳)


Remember to click 'submit' for your drawing when you're done! ^_^

In case you have no idea of what to draw, maybe the video below can give you some 'inspiration'! Hahaha.

Hahahaha~ Hilarious isn't? So now is time to juice your brain and get your creativity flowing and moving the S Pen on the Be Creative website and thanks to Samsung Malaysia, there is a new way to be creative!