Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dark Romance

*A tad bit NSFW. Enter by your own risk ^_^;; *

How was your Christmas celebration so far??? If you don't get anything, don't worry, I shall give you guys and girls some eye-candy to replace candy cane in real life. lol. (guys, prepare some tissue first in case you nose bleed later haha) This post is about Audrey's 2012/13 Collection - Dark Romance. Thanks to Audrey & Chyi Ming for the invite, I get to be among the first to view the collection's exclusive preview runway show at Club G6, The Gardens. It was my first time to be at G6, so I'm 'sexcited' about it! lol.

The look I pull that day to suit the theme 'Dark Romance'.

Audrey, a popular inner wear brand among Malaysian female was incorporated in year 1987 into Malaysian market and just a brief 10 years after the brand has gained its standing and listed in Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange on July 1997. Audrey has achieved its growth gradually and has become a brand that gain its acknowledgement in the international market across the continents.

Alluring, Understands, Determined, Reassured, Elegant and Youthful - These are the concepts and values of what Audrey the brand had in mind when designing and generating trendy yet good quality products with age old techniques at the same time. Audrey has a wide range of products including brassieres, panties, corsets, girdles, camisoles, bodysuits, crop tops, boxer shorts and sleepwear lingeries.

Super nice deco at the entrance, sorry for the blurry pic.

When I enter the place it was fully decorated with candles, flowers, vintage sofa and the place is so romantic. The perfect setting for the Dark Romance collection.

A date with Audrey

It was a fun night with other bloggers who are invited to this exclusive preview as well, snapped a few photos with them that night. I should do this more often instead of just taking photos of no human face spotted in the frame, might as well just google the photos up. lol. Thanks for all the fun conversation that night ladies and gents. 

With Esther.

With Lisa.

With Yuen Sze Teng.
(She's the supermodel - Yuen's sister!)

Guests were served with free flow of drinks and light refreshments before the show starts. I had so many salmon canapé and chocolate desserts that night and it feels so satisfying. Yums!

The CEO of Audrey Malaysia, in black lacey see through tops, flaunting her confidence.
She gave a short opening speech before the programme of that night starts.

Sheila Amzah, has performed few songs for us that night with her powerful voice including Zheng Fu and Forever Love in Mandarin!
She's the pride of Malaysia!

Right after the stunning performance from Sheila Amzah, guys (and girls as well) were in an excited mood as the show begins - Audrey 2012/13 Collection:

Sunshine Holiday

This collection of lingerie are made not just for summer time, but during your holiday as well! Comes in detachable pieces that allows you to wear either as bra or as camisole, they have matching nighties and panties as well. These sweet pink and baby blue colours of inner wears that gave the bubbly lovely feeling is surely a collection that not to be missed.
(available for purchase)

Expansive Simplicity

A simple yet expansive range, these smooth surface pieces of inner wears let you pair with any outfit of your choice. Expansive Simplicity comes in nude and dark colours, it is a must have collection of lingerie to match with any outfit in your closet, anytime, anywhere. A quote from Leonardo Da Vinci - "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".
(not available for purchase yet)


It is time to challenge yourself and put some daring neon colours in your lingerie collection! Splash some fun and spectacular colours of lingerie with Audrey's Neon Summer collection which you can also hit the gym with some of the complete pieces. There's fuchsia, indigo and black with smooth surface fabric to combat your colourful daily life adventure.
(not available for purchase yet)

Hahaha~ Shocking to see me and Lisa's photo suddenly?
Have a break before continue to the next collection, scare you beh tahan. lol. 

OK! Continue!!!

Romantic Spring

Feel the Spring Romance with a piece from the Romantic Spring collection. Lacey fabrics and deep V cutting of pieces from this collection help to release the sensuality in you, make you feel all dreamy and in love again. As Jaron Arany said: In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.

Last but not least...

Secret Garden

Audrey's Secret Garden collection comes in dark purple and dark blue colours with rose embroideries on the fabrics which enhances the feminicity and sensuality in you. What will be in your secret garden? This collection comes with matching panty and is available from December (now) 2012!

Amber Chia and the models of that night. 

This exclusive preview of Audrey 2012/13 Collection ended with a group photo of models with the management team of Audrey Malaysia.

It was such a awesome night with awesome 'view'. That reminds me again of how important lingerie is to a woman that can bring the best out of her even though the lingerie wasn't meant to show the world. They say: Give a girl the rights shoes and she can conquer the world. I say: Give a girl the right lingerie and she can conquer the world with the utmost confidence glow from within.

Thanks for having me in this beautiful event. Remember to drop by at Audrey's stores and counters to get a closer look of Audrey's 2012/13 collection pieces.

Still, last but not least....


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