Thursday, December 13, 2012

eSetia Walk Launching & Model Hunt Audition

I never been to Setia Walk before, not even once, but there's once I passed by the main road in front of the place and thinking: I will visit this place if given a chance. And here I am, at Setia Walk because I was invited to witness their launching of e-Setia Walk and Model Hunt Audition. I invited my friend - Kevin to go with me because I think it will be a fun event with foods, pretty models and awesome performance.

Reached the place around 6:30p.m.. Just when we wanted to find a place to dine for dinner, saw the beautiful sunset and the pink and white set up at the open air area called Vista 1. Behind the party area was a large pool view with fountains. I murmured to myself that this party is gonna be awesome!

Registered ourselves at the registration counter.

Just when we thought the event is going to start soon, the sky started to drizzled and soon it rained so hard at the venue we have to find a place to chill while wait. Seriously, feels a bit disappointed with the weather because with the heavy rain and strong wind blowing the event have to keep on postpone and there goes all the beautiful set-ups, drenched with rain. Boohoo~

While waiting, I started to selca out of boredom lololol.

Model Hunt fan. Get it? lol.

Kevin: Let me show you of my 'sien' face.
Hahahahaha you look damn sien indeed. 

We waited from 7p.m. and there was no sign of rain stopping at all. A lot of people went back thinking show's over and of course, there are some people like us keep on waiting and hope the rain will stop soon. Just when we start to think that the organizers will postpone the show to another day, the rain magically stopped! Hooray~ The show still goes on after all!

I can be one of their model lololol. 

Even though the venue is all wet, the crews are there to quickly readjust everything, from lightings, sound system to stage deco and placing all the refreshments back to the buffet table again. Everything were prepared in merely 30mins. DJ were at the DJ console blasting party music to heat up the place and get everyone into party mood.

Vintage cars~ In lovely pastel pink some more, oh my!

Posing like one of them car models haha.

And this one in pastel blue. So cute!

Stage of the night, F Block is one of the sponsor of the event.
Did I tell you that F Block is one of my favourite boutique?

Bumped into a lot of high school friends that night! I felt kinda surprised to see them there as Puchong is kinda far from where we stay, and most of them were in the same society club with me back into schooling days. Feels so good to see them again and they look gorgeous! Too bad I only able to take one photo with Victoria using Kelvin's camera and the show's starting.

Two MC of the night.
The female MC have such a cute voice.

The show started with a 'bang', literally. Percussions group were performing all the way from the end of red carpet to the stage and followed behind with a pair of Capoeira couple flipping and jumping all their way to the stage.

Love how the percussion group and the DJ's beat mixed together at the beginning of their performance.

I kinda lost count of how many flips they did on the stage!

When the percussion group and Capoeira couple ended their performance on stage, we heard such loud noise of car accelerating and turned our head to the end of the red carpet, it turns out the vintage cars we saw earlier wasn't something there to 'decorate' the venue but actually using it to drive the models to the red carpet. Such a grand entrance for the models at the event.

Anticipating of the models arrival...

Here they are, the 3 models that we saw in Setia Walk's website and huge poster banner around the premise.

They are the first cover girls for Setia Walk's very first issue of e-magazine e-Setia Walk.
(View eSetiaWalk first issue by clicking here!)

A short introduction of themselves and sharing of how they felt with the cover girl experience.

Looking gorgeous aren't they?

Okay, maybe you'll ask: If there's the three cover girls, then what's the Model Hunt Audition for? I had the same question running in my mind that time, but e-Setia Walk is an e-magazine which release on quarterly basis and here they are, the finalists of e-Setia Walk's second issue that will release in January 2013.

Four of them gracing the stage with gorgeous evening gown

MC asking each of them questions such as what do you like to do during your free time etc.
Did you notice the wardrobe-like stage deco? So cute can!

Models doing their catwalk thing
Who's your favourite? Mine is finalists no.1. 

Last posing session for photographers to take better photos of them.
Please win it finalist number 1!!! 

Again, the event ended with a 'bang'. (hahaha I'm lame.) Percussions group are performing on the stage but instead of Capoeira, the organizers hired someone with more 'extreme' and 'exotic' kind of performance:

Dance to beat~

Fire Breathing performance

This is my first time watch fire breathing performance in such a close distance I can feel the heat pressing to my face. The duo were crazily good in delivering their performance that got all the people at the party so high.

Beautiful fire aren't they?

He licked the fire torch like licking a lollipop. 

What's more excited than seeing a man rubbing a fire torch on his body?

Another fire eating act. How many courage were required to do this act!

They blowing the fire like dragons. What a beautiful performance.

Such a wonderful performance to end the event.

The event wasn't really ended there. The two MCs were busy running around the venue to engage the people who attend the event and do some giveaways to them. There are vouchers from sponsors to be given away such as Sushi Tei, La Kaffa and so. Too bad I'm busy doing this while the MCs were busy asking question:

Busy doing some live update to Twitter and Facebook
Thanks to Aric who took this ghostly photo of mine. lol.

So don't forget to visit eSetiaWalk's January 2013 issue to see which model won the contest based on voting we did that night!

If the model you root for win the contest, supporter of hers stand a chance to win fabulous prizes.
*Please pick model no.1 and pick me as well!!! lol*

Thanks for having me at the wonderful event and for more information of eSetiaWalk, do log on to and check their Facebook Page for latest events update as well!

Setia Walk
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel: 03-58822255

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