Monday, December 3, 2012

I Can Be...

Basically, I never get tired in trying new things and achieving new looks, fit in new styles and trends and of course, I never get bored in selca. I like to be versatile, I want to be versatile, when my morning mood tells me to go cute girlish, I may be dressing up in rock chic style in the late afternoon. lol. Sometimes even me myself, can't cope with the changes of ideas in my mind. 

Here are some styles I've pulled in recent months:

I can be Street Rock girl.

I can be sweet as chocolate girl.

I can be a sleek chic with a dash of bling girl.

I can be a girl with a mole that looks timeless in black and white photos.

I can be the girl in bold eyeliners. 

I can be the girl with brown 'dark-circle' eyeshadow make.

I can be the girl with a pair of red lips.

I can be New York style girl.

I can be the Summer girl.

I can be a Winter girl too.

I can be a Pedobear girl.

I can be like Momoko Ogihara.

I can be the good girl sometimes.

and I can be a sophisticated girl.

I can be the girl with no fringe or with fringe.

I can be ghetto

I can be Oriental Empress.

I can be the girl from the cyber space.

I can be the girl in earth tone and leopard prints.

I can be a mermaid girl with fluffy long lashes that dreams of rainbow bubbles.

I can be the tough military girl.

I can be the hipster.

I can be the MODE girl.

I can be the girl that believes that her dreams will come true.

I can be the girl that lost in a flower paradise.

I can be a girl rocking in her new sunglasses.

I can be a simple looking bride.

I can be avant garde.

I can be all clean and sleek looking.

I can be a vampire girl that watches Twilight Saga's 5 movies in one night.

I can be the girl in her messy look on a lazy afternoon.

I can be the sick girl that awaits her prince to kiss her awake.

I can be a girl who likes to dance with lights and stars.

I can be the girl who walks around and discover small little things that makes me feel good of being alive.

Last but not least....

I waited so long to announce this, but it's a secret no more - I'm one of the contestant for ViVi Star Search 2012 organized by ViVi Malaysia. There's some fashion spread of us 10 girls in the magazine as well! Do buy the December copy of ViVi Malaysia Magazine to find out more!

I really, really, really seldom take part in contest that needed votes online, but I hope if you're reading this, you would kindly vote for me by liking ViVi Malaysia's page and my photo, I appreciate each and every LIKE you clicked for me. Nothing more can express how thankful I am for this small gesture of yours. (and also, do comment what kind of blog post you would like to see me blog more, that'll be bribe blog post okay? LOL!)

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Jean said...

like all the looks especially winter look and good girl look! All the best in the competition! =)
*but y ah? vote system again..*