Monday, December 24, 2012

Isetan x ViVi Love Japan Fashion Show

Hey~ How's the Christmas preparation so far? If you haven't buy any present yet, you can do your last minute present buying at KLCC as Isetan and ViVi Malaysia is currently doing a collaboration of bringing Japan brands apparel in Pop Up Stores style to all the Japan brand lovers in Kuala Lumpur! The collaboration will last a month so hurry up go to Isetan KLCC 1st floor now to visit the Pop Up Stores including our very own Malaysia's famous bloggers Cheesie and Audrey's label Foruchizu as well! 

Me, as one of the TOP 10 finalists in ViVi Star Search 2012 are one of the model for the Love Japan Fashion Show which was held on 8th December. (Did you come to see the show?) It was a very fun experience (I wouldn't say work as it doesn't feels like working at all) that 8 of us gather together and you know, girls talk and funny things happen. 

Call time was 830am in the morning, some of us only slept for 2 hours, some of us came all the way from Subang or Puchong, some came by public transport and all but we're all excited for how our make-up and hairdo will look like and so. Some of our outfit were different from the previous fitting session so there's a lot of changes in the schedule. But first...

Breakfast time!
Hahahaha~ Some cannot tahan to see their bare face posted on Facebook and ask me don't tag them lol.

Before the preparation of make-up and hairdo starts, I went walking around the Pop Up Stores see what brands are available and so, until I saw this:


You know, Gacha Gacha is so popular back then that the prizes are colour bouncing balls and some toys, now, Gashapon is the major Gacha Gacha in the market which prizes are figurines of famous animation and cartoon characters. This Gacha Gacha is a bit different as the prizes are fashion and beauty items!

Succumbed to the thrill of unknown and did two spins!
Got myself a mask from Skin Food and a belt from IORI. WOW!!!
(Actually did 3 spins, last spin was after the show, lol. Present ViVi Malaysia's Magazine and one spin is just RM3! Super worth it can!!!)

Come visit Isetan x ViVi Pop Up Stores this holiday!

Did the rehearsal before Isetan open up for business and it was quite starstruck to see Cheesie and Audrey there, doing the rehearsal with us and all. Keep on looking at them and think: How can they be so good looking even in minimal makeup/bare face!!! Did few times of rehearsal and finally got it done!!! I guess all of us didn't expect that we will be hiding inside the storeroom of Isetan's women department for the rest of the day and yes, the backstage preparation was done there.

Look at all the clothessss

There is free manicure session for us!!!
Sponsored by China Glaze. (Boohoo why oh why I have gel nails on... T_T)

The fashion show's apparels

Look at how crowded the place is!

Our hairdo are done by Lilac Salon while our make-up are done by KOJI! Say hi to my fluffy DollyWink Eyelashes.

make-up 70% done

Each and every models' character will be different based on how we look and how we portray our personality. While mine are a bit sexy and vixen-like, some were very casual, girlish, vintage and so. I love each and every look of them to bits!!!

Make-up 100% done, Hair 30%.
Do I look like Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld collaboration Mon Shu Girl here? lol.

Red lips and curly hair look. Sexy?

Hours and hours of preparation, we girls just non-stop talking and joke around. The atmosphere was relaxing and all of us are waiting for our make-up and hairdo to be done. Of course, there are few hardcore selca kakis among us which I think I'm just a moderate one. Kittie and Vivian literally snap photos non-stop throughout the whole day can! haha.

Okay I also cannot lose (lol), some backstage photos before the show with all the girls ♥

With Yushi
She's so cute and pretty. Love the hair piece from IORI.

With Wen Tung
She's the goody good girl-next-door.

Left - Caster, Right - Yumi
We're a bit more extreme ones... lol

Hahahahaha what's this.

With Lumi the French girl
She's one of the sponsored blogger to do hair at number76 and just went to NTV7's Bella Talk Show recently with her latest blue green hair! Gosh, if only I can.... *envy*

Super love her hair, sponsored by Lilac Salon.

With Vivian at my left and Yushi at my right
Vivian is the rich tai tai 富婆 of the day with SLY's furry and bling cape on.

Basically what I looked at all day that day were she and Audrey. I think myself kinda like creepy stalker wtf.
Don't know how to talk to them at first or even ask for photo because think might disturb them or something.
But they were so nice~! Very very charismatic girls I would say.

With Audrey
She's so funny and she laughs all the time and almost everything.
So cheerful. Don't know why I became so tense and pose a model pose when pose for photos with her and Cheesie. *majorfail*

With PohNee
Thank you PohNee for coming up with 'The Glam Ten' title for all of us and arranged everything on the show day!
Love you!!!!

With Keiko-san
Thank you very much for everything! Can't wait to see you and your team again soon.

Lastly, a group photo with all the models.
*eh! Where's Audrey!!!! LOL*

Good show girls.
Whole outfit by SLY except for bag and shoes.

Here are some of the photos during the show that I manage to grab via Facebook tagged and google search. Credit goes to the photographers and bloggers.

Thanks to one of the supporter of Cheesie and Audrey, Mary Jane Tauyan videographed the whole fashion show! Faster view it if you missed the fashion show that day! *Thank you Tauyan~!!!*

And.... Group photos!!!!

Finally Audrey's in! Hahaha.

Tomorrow will be Christmas day and gosh I miss the happy and cheery feeling when these girls are around! Can't wait to see them soon. Remember to vote for me by LIKING ViVi Malaysia's Page and my photo ya as the voting session ends tomorrow! 

Don't forget to support Cheesie and Audrey's label - Foruchizu at Isetan KLCC. 

Wish you all have a very very


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u kill the runway girls :)
ur the most shinning compared to the other girl. Haha
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