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ViVi Photoshoot ❤ Behind-The-Scenes ❤

Have you bought December issue of ViVi Malaysia magazine? If you haven't, please buy it! Because it's none other than ME whose blog you're reading now got featured in this month's ViVi magazine!!! Looking at the magazine I own I felt surreal, it's like dreaming to be featured in my dream magazine except that it's not, I'm not dreaming, I'm really in it. *pinch self to double confirm*

This month's cover girl is the sexy goddess Koda Kumi

If not because of taking part in ViVi Star Search, I wouldn't be in it. Went through audition and elimination stage and here we are, the final 10 girls of ViVi Star Search are featured in the magazine spread and just looking at the photos recalls a lot of happy memories of what we've done on that photoshoot day. These girls are crazy I tell you!

(from left to right and so for all the photos below)
Caster and Yushi

Me Reiko *ahem*, Wen Tung and Yumi

Neve, Vivian and Lumi(Chuah Xin Wei)

Kittie and Vien

You can call us:

The Glam Ten!!!
Thanks PohNee for giving us such glamourous title.

It was NOT EASY to complete this series of photos that can be browse through within 10seconds, we spent the whole day there for this photoshoot, giving us some 'real taste' of how hardworking Fujii Lena, Sara Mary, Mitsuki, Ellie Rose and other Japan ViVi models are to be constantly included in photos for almost the whole magazine.

The glamorous looking location for our photoshoot - Butter Factory

We totally have no idea of what we're going to wear or what looks are we rocking that day, had a very vague idea that it is gonna be ROCK style. Okay~ I like Rock style, let's Rock & Roll babes ❤

Hair and make-up are done by staffs from number76.
I finally see Amy and Hikky-san that Cheesie tweeted whenever she visits their salon.

We have to wait for our turns, which gave us enough time to know each other and make friends.

Thanks to Chu Fan that did my make-up that day.
Lovin it!

Eyelashes from DollyWink *flutter eyelashes*

Last touch-up before the actual photoshoot session starts.

Here we go~ 

Feeling insecure because I don't know how I look like in the camera. It just isn't something like I do selca myself which I can adjust my chin or look here look there without worry that someone will feel annoyed or frustrated because can't get a good shot. I pray so hard that I shine through the camera, when Kim Mun, the photographer of that day told me that I looked different in front of the camera, I kinda think: Is it a good thing or a bad thing!? But the photos turn out well, thank you!!!!!

Pretty chandeliers that got me fascinated about it like how Dory did in the deep sea of Finding Nemo. lol.

See all the tools that are used to do our hair!
So professional can!

Sneakily took a photo while other girl doing their thing.
And there's Hikky-san.

The ice-breaking session with the girls continued during lunch time where we had our lunch at Pavilion. 10 girls walking in one group, some more all dolled-up is pretty much a scene to all the people around, but we enjoyed the attention hahahaha. So glad to have known these girls and talk about crazy stuff with them. 

The photoshoot continues after the 1 hour lunch break. We're split into groups to do different outfit shoot. Changed and changed to see which outfit suits us more, and the set-up of the camera and lightings took some time as well as they shift to different spot to get different backgrounds for the photos. Some of us got bored, started to whip out our camera and taking photos. 

Loving all the clothes on us that day~
Some even got me thinking to visit the store to buy the clothes after I read the magazine regarding the source of clothing. lol.

Neko-mimi (Cat ears) hairstyle done by Hikky-san!

I present to you - Caster
The Malaysia's very own Kyary-Pamyu Pamyu
(She really looks like her!!! Not only I say okay! lol)

Selca of us got pretty much out of control later that day. We started to do some 変顔 funny strange face hahahaha. Can't resist but to post it here. Please don't un-vote me for the ViVi Star Search okay! Hahahaha.

Nothing to say but hahahahahaha~ XD

It was such a great experience to worked with Keiko and her team, Kim Mun and his team from threesixty studio and Hikky-san and her team from number76 for this photoshoot. Things went better than I expected and I really enjoyed the photoshoot session. I can never forget how hard it is to coordinate 10 girls in one frame just to get that ONE perfect photo. Thanks for all the effort and patience all of you had in us.

Profile Shot of us


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