Monday, December 30, 2013

Artsphere 20/8ty, The Atmosphere

80 3D murals drew by 20 talented artists, a new place to be in Klang Valley ( such a good news to all the peeps of Klang Valley, now we have our very own murals place to take photos! No need to go to Penang already!!!) 

Here I introduce you:

The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan

My pleasure to be invited as one among the first to see the murals at The Atmosphere, and I tell you, waking up early to attend the launch was never a regret on that day to me because me and Jean had so much fun! Although the location might be a tad bit far for Setapakians like me (around 45mins drive), but it worth all the effort to get there and see all the never-seen before 3D murals in Malaysia!

Artists and the locations of the murals

The locations of the murals are scattered around the shop lots and buildings at The Atmosphere area, so you won't know what surprises you'll get when you turn around the corner, there are always surprises waiting. To me, it feels like a treasure hunt, looking at maps and search for the next treasure until finish find all 80 3D murals! 

These murals are not for "Please don't touch", but welcome everyone to interact with them. You can climb, lie down, touch, wanna lick also can if you don't mind, to squeeze the creativity out from your brain to create a unique photos of your own. 80 of them, can you handle???

Cool invitation card for the launch!
Major love!

Carnival-themed launch, love the happy vibes

The Artsphere 20/8ty project's main organizer is The Atmosphere, Tourism Selangor and ArtMisfits. The official launch was kicked start with an opening speech by Mr. Khoo Boo Hian, CEO of Tempo Properties.

Creative way to launch Artsphere 20/8ty!

Here starts the performance of violinist, singing as well as flash mob dancing!

The 20 talented artists that drew all the 80 3D murals at The Atmosphere
They done it in 4 weeks time, can you imagine that?

Last but not least, a LIVE press conference for a Q&A session
From left:
Mr. Tan Meng Seng ( Excutive Director of Tempo Holdings)
Ms. Haze Long (Founder of Art Misfits)
Dr. Haji Abdul Aziz Bin Dato Haji Husain (Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director of Eksons Corporation Berhad)
Mr. Khoo Boo Hian (CEO of Tempo Properties)

After the programme of the launch ended, me and Jean went around The Atmosphere and crazily took a lot of photos of each other. The 3D murals are so beautiful and real, who say Malaysia don't have talented artists? You just need to let them show!

Hahaha I'm trying to board on to the train but the door won't open!!!

The Hookah Smoking Caterpillar.
I think both of us can be really good friends because we love Shisha :D

Swimming with the mermaid is my life-long dream!
(crossed out one wish from my bucket list hahahaha)

Besides interacting with the murals, you can let your smartphone interact with them too! By download a QR code scanner into your phone, there's a QR code besides the wall art, by scanning them you can get tons of information about the artist and information of the respective wall art.

These are just a small fragments of what Artsphere 20/8ty at The Atmosphere have to offer. Since this is a new area, soon there will be more and more cafes, restaurants, shops opening, definitely will draw more crowds to this area. So do visit this area ASAP before this area are crowded by people that you'll have to queue to take photos with all the wall arts!

Thanks for the invite!
Definitely will visit again soon!!!

Don't forget that from my previous blog post about the introduction of Artsphere 20/8ty (read it here!) and yes, the Strike A Pose contest is still ON! So hurry to The Atmosphere, took all the creative and weird poses photos with the wall arts and win cool prizes from the RM15,000 worth of prizes! Contest period from 22nd Dec 2013 till 16th Feb 2014!

Submit your creative photos HERE

For more information:

The Atmosphere Sdn Bhd (725395-U)
1-3, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 2,
Taman Prima Tropika,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel. 603-8942 3663
Fax. 603-8942 6336


Artsphere Official Facebook Page

See you there!!!

A tribute to all 20 artists of Artsphere 20/8ty
Done by Art Misfits!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SPACE AGE: The Phantom Power

I never watch music performance myself. I was a drama student back then so I have this special bond when it comes to live performances, but music performances, is my very first time. Thanks to Dmuses for the invite, I've boarded on a journey last night that's out of my imagination!

The music performance venue was at White Box, Map Publike, also my first time there. A tad bit late to the venue and they're performing their first musical movements already. Aiks! SPACE AGE: The Phantom Power was created by Ng Chor Guan, who's been dreaming about space exploration since his childhood time, and finally able to bring the audiences along with him to this outta this world kinda experience along with other gifted musicians and video artists. 

The combination between sounds and light for this music performances are superb. With 8 freshly composed musical movements, I literally can feel that the stars and galaxies around me as if I'm in the middle of the space. From the Space Time, to Comet Cruise and Spectrum, then comes The Black Hole and finally Voyage Home and Panorama on the land of all mankind, you can only have the slightest idea of the feeling I had last night.

Look what the musicians have to say regarding their music performance:

During the music performance, I noticed there's one electronic music instrument that I've never seen before for my entire life, not even heard of it. It is invented by a Russian professor called Léon Theremin, and yes, the electronic music instrument was called Theremin that looks like this:

It plays without body contact with the player, only senses the player's hands position using two metal antennas. Both hands are used to control the oscillators for frequency and amplitude (volume) of the Theremin. Associated with an eerie sound, theremins are used in art music such as avant-garde and 21st century new music such as rock. The Artistic Director and Music Composer of SPACE AGE: The Phantom Power - Ng Chor Guan played the Theremin, and it is such a indescribable scene to see him play as you can feel the energy he portrays in feeling the music it creates. Such an eye-opener music performance.

Thanks Dmuses, the 5 gifted, talented musicians - Ng Chor Guan(Theremin & Computer), Angela Lou (Viola), Chai Kee Hong (French Horn), Foo Chie Haur (Flute) and Tan E-Jan (Piano) for such wonderful performance. Of course the feeling of being situated in space wouldn't be realistic enough if it wasn't for the 3 video artists that creates the atmosphere using lighting and projectors - Thian Siew Kim, Okui Lala and Mouse.

Thanks for bringing me to space and back. It is such an inspiring journey that one can only feels when they see SPACE AGE: The Phantom Power's music performance.

For more information:

Dmuses Official Website

Dmuses Official Facebook Page

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Remedy KL & WeChat Wishes You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Festive season means drinking season, yay or nay? (But drink responsibly okay?) Of course YAYYYY right!!! And now the problem will be: Where to celebrate this wonderful festive season of the year. If you ask me, I would say....

The Remedy / Remedy Plus

Remedy Plus and The Remedy were both located at first floor of Scott Garden, KL's currently most happening party place at the moment. I was invited to join Remedy Plus & WeChat's Pre-Christmas Celebration last Friday, and believe me, Remedy Plus was so crowded and everyone was enjoying their Friday night celebration.

Full house! Can't move without bumping into somebody.
That's how crowded for Remedy Plus

WeChat girls roving around for customers to scan code and follow Remedy's Official Account on WeChat

Bumped into Senri and Isabel that night.
We're in Christmas party mood already! Woohoo~!

Remedy Plus is such a good place for drinking, friends gathering and partying. You can either drink, chat with your friends, eat (their food tastes good!) and also play darts as there are plenty of darts machines located in the bar.

Christmas is just around the corner

Then, they have this power live band performance inside the bar. What an atmosphere.

Bumped into LiSha that night, such a long time since I last seen her!
Still as pretty as ever.

So yeah, you know where to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve this year right? Hop right down to Remedy KL and enjoy one of the great deal in town:

Enjoy your first pint of Guinness or Kilkenny at the price of RM18 and enjoy the 2nd pint of beer for FREE! FREE!!! This promotion starts from 19th December till 2nd January of 2014. So hurry up! Download WeChat in your phone, and scan the QR Code below to start following Remedy KL's Official WeChat Account and enjoy the great deal today!

Or type Remedy's WeChat ID: TheRemedyKL and start follow their official account! Click the pop up message in WeChat and redeem the good deals by showing the waiters at Remedy KL when your beer are serve to you!

Happy Drinking everyone and Merry Christmas! :D

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Akiyo Story - Paris Dream

Have you prepare gifts for your love ones around you? Neither do I. *ashame* The heat of Christmas gift comes slowly this year don't they? But I do hope that by sharing his blog post with you, you manage to find a meaningful gift from Akiyo. 

Last week, Akiyo and Butterfly Project has invited 20 bloggers to this exclusive event which introduces Akiyo Jewellery and the beauty of its jewellery collections. I'm glad I was invited to the event, and have more ideas for Christmas gifts.

Akiyo Jewellery outlet, Parkamaya, Fahrenheit88

Look at their vast collections

One of Akiyo's signature collection would be Akiyo's charm bracelet. Designed by local designers, they have wide range of charms that suits anyone for any occasions, be it wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and so on. It is one of their best seller too, as you can slowly add on charm by charm to commemorate the special events or achievements achieved in life.

Look at all the colourful charms to add on to the charm bracelet
I'm already thinking which should I get for myself next!

Akiyo have a lot of loyal customers which always buy Akiyo's jewellery, be it for themselves or as presents. Price range from RM59 to RM200 - RM300++ are affordable for anyone who wish to purchase a gift that's meaningful to themselves or others. 

Sterling silver earrings, like their designs so much!
If I'm not wrong, these earrings are from RM69!
Worth every cent you spend!

They have funky design jewellery too cater for the hipsters need too!
I really like these colour beads bracelets.

Necklace for her.
The designs are so elegant, with Akiyo's signature fresh water pearls.

After browse around the shop, the event finally started with Tammy's introduction and short story telling by Mandy, one of the founder cum designer of Akiyo jewellery. 

She's gorgeous.

Akiyo - meaning "bright, clear, sparkle" was created in year 2011, which believes that each and every piece of jewellery you own should be meaningful, and that's their dream too - to provide wide selections of high quality designers jewellery that's affordable to everyone and yet, meaningful that portrays the brand's belief. 

Inspired by the European and Japanese designs, Akiyo jewellery pieces which are made to customize the story of your jewellery that tells the story of your life. These are functional, practical and well-made jewellery by the brand which caters everyone's need. From contemporary silver earrings to fashion bracelets as well as the latest and newest concept of pearl jewellery, Akiyo strive to breakthrough in the jewellery industry, that offers endless possibilities when it comes to jewellery selection.

Mandy shows that each and every purchase are come with an unique pouch and gift box that you can keep your jewellery nicely.

And... and... all of us 20 bloggers get to take one of this home:

Akiyo's Christmas Collection charm!
You already knew I took which one isn't??? Haha

You know, charm bracelet doesn't have to be the USUAL charm bracelet that we always see, as Akiyo comes up with their very own kind of charm bracelet that will adore by most of the girls. Let me show you, the new concept of charm bracelet in the form of fresh water pearls:

Elegant, chic and stylish at the same time

We always have the fix idea of pearl jewellery: elegant but mature, expensive, suits female of certain age level, but not anymore with Akiyo's new pearl jewellery concept. These are young looking pearl jewellery with a twist. With Swarovski crystals of different colours to match, you can even customize your own pearl bracelet with the charm of your choice!

Pink pearls are my favourite

Every pearl is a unique gift from the mother nature, just like who we are. These genuine fresh water pearls of Akiyo comes in 3 shades: Pearl white, pink and champagne gold. I couldn't take my eyes out of them and keep snapping photos of these pearl bracelets. Love them to bits! And did you know that these pearl bracelets are about RM189 per-bracelet? Such a worthy price for a pretty bracelets like this!

Pearl white, pink and champagne gold pearls.

Create your own style with mix and match of bracelets from Akiyo's different range:
What I'm wearing is pink pearl bracelets with black gemstones bracelets. 

Thanks to Akiyo, I finally can start creating a charm bracelet that tells the story of my own. A story that I bury deep down inside my heart, waiting for the dream to bloom at the right time. It is my lifelong dream to gaze up to the Eiffel Tower of Paris, and with this charm to reminds me, I will work even harder to make my dreams come true.

My Paris Dream, a dream which does not fade away even the sun set. 

Look at the fine creation of Akiyo's charm bracelet.
It is such a wonderful Christmas present.

The beautiful dreams dangling on my wrist
motivates me to keep fighting for it in my life.

Thanks to Butterfly Project and Akiyo for the wonderful gifts that brings a whole new meaning of charm bracelets to my life. It is a gift for myself in the future to thank myself for being a hardworking person to achieve more in my life, a gift of life to keep me going on and on. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

For more information:

Butterfly Project Blogger Community Official Facebook Page