Thursday, January 31, 2013


Had a power nap + mask before my call time. The mask that Peiyue bought which is called My Beauty Diary smells so good! I chose the Deep Sea Caviar Mask to rejuvenate my tired skin. Hope it helps lol.

Doing hair and make up at the location of ViVi Malaysia Fashion Party tonight. Everyone here is busy preparing for

Are you coming? :D

Yesterday's Coordinate

Had a fun day (and night) out with my friends. Been so long since we last catch a movie together, so we decided to double up, make it two movies in one day. lol.

Is all about chit-chat, shopping, movie, chill out together. Enjoying the last bits of January 2013.

Top: H&M

Jeans: Levi's

Shoes: Converse

Bag: H&M

Knit cap: Comme des fuckdown

Monday, January 28, 2013


I never thought of being featured in any style website or facebook page, but recently, I've been featured in both! *pops confetti* I guess this can be consider as some kind of achievement eh? lol.

When I was sitting on the bench at Pavilion after my photoshoot, there's a Korean guy walked towards me and ask whether he can take few shots of my look that day. He said he was from a Korean fashion website and would like to feature some of Malaysian street style snaps. I was like okay, no harm I guess. 

After few shots, he gave me his name card and website then we said goodbye to each other. About a month later... I saw myself on this Korean website called!

Speechless! I'm on a Korean fashion website! I've always wondering how does one goes up to street style website but then I'm on one of it! Love all the photos!! Super happy can!!! Thank you Kim Ju Hyeok-shi. ^_^

Then today, when I was half awake, I saw my photo featured on a Economy-Social-Governance facebook page. Met with the editor of Sustainbility ESG 2020 during the semi final of AMFA and had some pretty good chat with him. Thanks for featuring me on your facebook page. Appreciate much!

Check out their facebook page here

Last but not least, isn't a featured but...


I update on instagram more than I do on Twitter or Blog.
So follow me now @reiko67

January is going to end soon, how's year 2013 treating you so far? Hope all is well to each and everyone of you! Happy Holiday to all Malaysian and Happy Belated Thaipusam to all Hindu friends. Will update my blog again soon, guess what, it's gonna be something sweeeeet!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Such a moody day, and the rain just make it more serious. Everything seems wrong, maybe it's just not my day....

Where's my sunshine?
I need my sunshine. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chinese New Year is…

Almost here!!!

All the shopping malls already put up the CNY decorations, I haven't saw One U's yet, but Sunway Pyramid's made a big impression in me with its old style, classique ship placed right at the center of its concourse area.

Have you read your zodiac's fengshui of the year? It seems like year 2013 is not a good year for those who are born in rabbit year. Saw there'll be chances to get involve in accidents as well. Boohoo~

Those who are 'rabbit' like me, take extra precaution to take good care of yourself ya!

Friday, January 25, 2013


The long lost fun!

It's been years since I last played World of Warcraft. Can't remember anything at all, don't even know what weapon to buy.

I can't seem to get over it and keep on using the character Razor King. Haha.

What's your favourite character?

p.s: I super love this glowing keyboard!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

We ♥ Asia

Despite on how much I love Rave Party, I never get to attend to one, as guest. Usually will be asked to work or so, but I guess God loves me so much that he gave me THREE freaking Rave Parties to go to in just one weekend! Thank you very much universe.

19th and 20th January 2013 is the very much anticipated We Love Asia concert which held at Sepang F1 Circuit. There are so many international artists and DJs took part in the performance of this concert that the fun and excitement just never stop! Guess it's best when you go to this kind of party with crazy friends who will do some crazy stupid stuff with you. Can't stop laughing now whenever I recall how funny we looked like during the concert.

Thanks to Don and his company Manoah for these tickets!!!
Thank you very much!!!!

To be honest, 19th is the first time I visit Sepang F1 circuit. I never been there before in my life and the place was huge! From the main entrance to the stage area took us freaking 10mins+ of walk. LOL. Luckily we're all hyped up for the concert and treat the distance of walk as warm up. 

The Stage
Everybody's already dancing when we got there.

There are many booths around, some are selling merchandises and some are selling beverages at price from RM10. For those who need a break from the concert, they can always visit the Prize Giving Booth which looked like this:

Play all sort of games and win prizes!
But no I don't know what the prizes are because I just took a glance around and ciao. lol
Can't wait to dance already!

Yolanda Be Cool performing!

I'm not a hardcore party goer but some of these music are just something we heard from time to time on radio! It's super easy to get the feeling of dancing kicking in with these cool music and everybody around you just started dancing like there's no tomorrow.

Hands in the air~!

Got my hands on these cute light ball ring from the girls working at the concert and seriously, dancing have never been so much fun!

DJ Antoine

Welcome to Central Bay

We just nonstop dance and dance and dance. I haven't exercise for such a long period but this dancing thing is just making me more and more hyper it just keep on going. Me and my friend did some funny 'house chores move' dance and it was hilarious. People around us just keep watching but guess what, we don't give a shit because we're enjoying! Hahaha~ It was really really fun.

Taio Cruz in da houseeee

We sang so loud along with Taio Cruz that our voice changed the next morning. Luckily no sore throat because brilliant me brought a pack of Strepsils to the event hahahaha. Initially just wanna get some sweets to eat but wow, Strepsils is really a good idea isn't?

with Isaac

So fun that night I almost laugh till jaw drop.
Thanks Isaac, you're such a fun companion!

Most of the people are anticipating for the 20th's performance as the line-ups are more to their taste, such as Redfoo from LMFAO, Steve Aoki and Joachim Garraud. Got another friend to follow me to the concert this day and it's none other than - Laogao!!! Hahaha. He's a virgin to rave party hohoho. Do you guys think he will like it???

Let's party on!!!

Joachim Garraud!!!
Space Party DJ!!!

I lost count to the attendees of the concert but  I saw a lot a lot of foreigners as well as visitors from other country. Such a success for this We Love Asia concert!

Another climax when we saw this showing on the LED screen:



We sang along, jumped so high and shuffled. When he sings I'm Sexy and I Know It, Redfoo and his crew just tear off their pants like how you saw in their MTV and wiggleeeee! LOL! Such overwhelming performance that none of us Malaysian ever seen before! We screamed so loud, Redfoo got everybody so high!

Steve Aoki
A lot of my friends claimed that he stole the show!

Such a happy weekend that I danced and jumped so much, my hands were in the air most of the time that Laogao told me if attend this kind of event once a week, we'll never have flabby butterfly wings at the arms area hahahaha. True enough!


The pic below says it all!

Party Too Hard!

Once again, thanks to Don and Manoah for such fabulous weekend, had all the fun in the universe in those two days! Can't wait for more, keep it coming!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today's coordinate. Cross-motif top is da bomb this season! Studs and chunky rock-ish accessories are a must for this look.

Just finished attend's blogger Launch at Black Box, Publika. Can't wait to blog about it!

Dinner, I'm coming now! So hungry.

Asia New Star Model Contest 2012 Semi Final

Was invited to witness the Asia NewStar Model Contest both Semi Final and Grand Finale of year 2012, the semi final was held at Stage Club, Avenue K. Of course, since I'm one of the model invited to the event, of course have to dress up a bit.

Chains deco toga black dress and metal plate necklace from H&M
smokey eyes and plum red lips. 

Admits two, but I went solo. lol.

A lot of my friends joined the contest, it's gonna be a tough one to predict who will win the contest as all of them got high potential in making it big. I support all of them, but I know there'll only be one winner, but process and the friendship behind the whole contest is what matters most I think.

T Stage of the Night

To become a successful model in Malaysia, you need to be able to fit into various style and image in order to become as versatile as you can. If you got more than one talent, the better. Guess who was the emcee of the night?!

None other than our beloved Catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong and Wafa De Korte, previous winner of AMFA 2011

After the whole club were filled with guests, here start the show:


My friends were all screaming and whistling throughout this session because oh boy, the guys do really have very nice and toned body shape! Imagine all the efforts they put in by resisting to eat oily and fried  food plus non-stop of body building. Diet is an essential part to a beautiful body and radiant skin that glows from inside out. 

All the contestant models danced during the swimsuit session with G-Dragon's Crayon which made everyone screamed. Those moves were choreographed by Ryan Foo Joe, a singer, dancer and performer in Malaysia which is good in singing Korean songs!

After the dance performance, of course there's self-introduction time:

Carmen and Gwen

I didn't bring my dslr to the event due to it's kinda hard to lug a big bag with me especially in a club, looks totally uncool! Gotta make do with my phone's camera, hence the blurry and overexposed of some photos. Sorry for all the eye sore after reading this blog post.

But of course, there are some good ones as well, I especially love this one:

The colourful lighting really build up the mood

The casual outfit session, sponsored by A Loft Of Things.

Look at all the models and how they strut the runway + posing!

The finale

Since there are so many contestants and judges, of course there will be some Q & A session for the model contestants. If you really know how to score in Q & A session, it's kinda impossible to be eliminated from the semi final stage because to become a successful model, it's not just about looks, but must be a model with brain too.

Kelly asking questions now...

All the model contestants are actually feeling nervous because it's the elimination time

Judges went up to stage one by one to vote and eliminate contestant from this round

Just when all the judges finished wrote the name and we're waiting to know the result from Wafa and Benjamin by counting the votes, my mum being anti-climax, reached the venue and fetch me home, so I didn't know who got eliminated!!!! FML!!!!

But anyway, luckily we took plenty of photos that day, thanks to Kelvin Sing who just won an award in MMFA as Fashion Photographer! Congrats!!! 

Leather Jacket Group
Haha don't know why so many people wore leather jacket that night. lol.

with Kelvin and Amanda

Kelly, Soo, Amanda, Kurt

Alexio and Sheena

Group photo with Amber

Fun night with all of the models and judges, keep on screaming for Jun. Next, gonna write about the Grand Finale, which I got lost in the huge Putrajaya for almost an hour. lol. I can never figure out the Putrajaya routes, even with GPS. 

Stay tuned!