Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It's been so long since I had so many food that filled up my belly like I'm 4 months pregnant! 2 servings of dinner in just 3 hours, crazy! I guess these are some of the crazy things you do when you have crazy friends around. lol.

Anyway, the 2nd dinner I had was at Thai Garden Village near Jinjang Utara, Kepong that area. Not sure about the address but it's located inside the junction of a Shell Petrol Station. I always thought it is hard to find good Tom Yam, but guess what, found one now!

Eventhough a tad bit salty, but overall is good!

You'll never guess right of this dish's name!
It is Otak-Otak. Obviously not from Johor la haha.

Huge space the restaurant have, heard it can installed up to 100 tables. There are garden-like dining area and chalets as well if you want some privacy. Pretty and handsome Thais MTV are always playing on their screen. Chefs are from Thai too, hence the delicious yet authentic Thai food! Good intro from my friend. lol.

Red Ruby Chestnuts with Coconut Milk
Tasted so-so only.

Mango sticky rice is yum!!!

Until now I still feel so full, think the food I consumed can make me feel full till tomorrow afternoon. LOL. 

Look of the day - SUPREME is ♥
Caps can look super cool and instantly glams up a casual look don't you think so?

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