Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fa-Ying by Rama V

Was invited by Haze for a food review at Fa-Ying by Rama V which is located at one of the latest shopping mall added into Klang Valley - Paradigm Mall, thank you very much Haze. For those who know me personally, I'm not one who can eat big quantity of food, but more concentrate on the taste and food quality, hence I look forward to this food review session at Fa-Ying, which is the sister restaurant of the famous Thai restaurant Rama V.

The name Fa-Ying is the name of Princess, sister to King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), which also resembles the relationship of the two restaurants. Fa-Ying is not the typical classic Thai restaurant you see elsewhere, but to more adventurous, modern Thai dishes whilst maintaining the unmistakable Thai flavours that we all are familiar with. 

Fa-Ying, where Classic meets Modern.
Located at Boulevard, Paradigm Mall.

Our beautiful host of the night - Audrey

We're being served with varieties of beverages as Fa-Ying boast a large collection of alcoholic beverages and infused mocktails and cocktails with specialty.

Fresh juices and classic mojitos, all beautifully decorated.

Star cocktails of Fa-Ying have to be this:


Orange peels are burned before insert into the bowl of Marquessa, to exude the taste of tangy-ness. 

Cucumber bits, Dragon Fruits, Burnt Orange peels, Absolut Blue Vodka, White Wine, Soda and 7-up. The fresh taste and mixture of all the ingredients above made the drink feels less alcoholic, which is to my liking.

Next, Thai Tapas (appetizers):

Thai Minced Beef in Cucumbers RM12++

Watermelon Salad RM12++
It is different from what I think it taste will be. A hint of sweet and spicy, plus a bit sour, it is one of the exotic flavour fruit salad I've ever had!

BBQ Thai Lamb Satay RM20++
Yummy lamb satay with specially made satay sauce.

Fish Satay
Fresh and soft fish meat.

Grilled Seafood Satay
I didn't try this as I'm can't take in too much prawns and squids. 

Pomelo Salad with Prawns RM16++
Fresh pomelo and prawns, another spicy, sweet and sourish appetizers to open your appetite for the mains.

Grilled Scallop with special made Manow sauch RM19++
The scallop are done just right, and with the special made Manow sauce, it is one of the favourite among us.

Actually we are almost half full after we tried all the tapas, here comes the mains for the night:

Spaghetti with Thai Green Curry Pesto RM22++
It doesn't looks like green curry at first, so I didn't pay any attention to this when I send a spoonful of spaghetti into my mouth, and then I was surprised by the taste! Green curry pesto spaghetti, who would've thought of that right?
It is not spicy and the fragrant taste lingers in the mouth for some time, delicious!

Cod Served with Manow Sauch RM42++
Fresh cod with grilled vegetables and the manow sauce everybody is raving about! 

Fettuccine with river prawn in Chu Chee sauce RM32++
Slightly spicy, creamy and peanut-ish Chu Chee Sauce is another pasta dish that surprise me. I love how well blend of the Thai-made sauce and pasta goes so well together, kudos to the Thai chefs who came up with this special and authentic Modern Thai dish.

Roasted Duck Thai Sandwich RM20++
Roast duck slices with veges stuffed into crusty Ciabatta sandwich, served with Thai side dish and fries, is one of the star dish of the restaurant. Generous portion of roast duck slices that done just right, some of the blogger went back to have the same dishes again!

Grilled Tenderloin with Green Curry RM42++
Slight rosy and pink of the medium done tenderloin, paired with the green curry sauce it is one dish you won't find at other places. I would like to try the medium rare next time if given chance.

After those hearty main dishes, it is time for some desserts. I love desserts, and these really made me drool just by looking at the photos now:

Deep fried sticky rice with mango stuffings and ice cream

Fresh mango sticky rice

Fried Banana fritters with Ice Cream

These desserts are served with fresh fruits such as mangoes and strawberries, yummy sticky rice and icy cold ice creams which bring your taste buds to heaven. Highly recommended if you love desserts like I do!

One of the owner of Fa-Ying - Danny.
Thank you for the delicious meal and gracious host for the night. Enjoyed all the story he told about Fa-Ying, Rama V and the origin of the dishes we had. 

Group Photo time!
Good company, good food, perfect night!

Al Fresco dining area, air-conditioned area, perfect for all occasions be it a romantic dinner or a chillax night with buddies, Fa-Ying caters all their customer needs with Modern Thai food that leaves good impressions to anyone who tried before. It definitely is one of the tastiest Modern Thai food I've had so far.

For those who wanted to dine at Fa-Ying, remember to mention 'Princess' to get a 10% off from your bill. Promotions end on 31st January 2013.

Fa-Ying by Rama V

Boulevard, Paradigm Mall
(Opposite Bulgogi Brothers and Chilis)

Business hours: 11a.m. - 12a.m.


Fa-Ying Facebook


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