Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa


How's your New Year celebration? I had a fun and peaceful New Year celebration at Christmas Island and it is the first New Year without any fireworks, but the happy and satisfying feelings that burst inside of my heart is much more prettier than any fireworks I can find elsewhere. 

In conjunction with my holiday feelings, would like to blog about my stay at Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa courtesy of  BizzyBody and Wyann International. Thank you for inviting me and Jean there for a 2 days 1 night stay and it was really a relaxing and luxurious getaway.

Selca first.

Golden Palm Tree Resort is an ideal getaway for people who wanna forget the stress of life temporarily. It's surrounded with sea and greens, with very little of noises around, just the natural sound of wind flowing through the leaves and sea waves washing up on shore.

Green landscape of around Perahu Restaurant.

My lovely companion of the stay - Jean
Thanks to her for helping me snap pics of me. 


Handcrafts around the chalet for dining at Perahu. 

Selca again. lol.

Such a lovely place.

Behind me is a walkway with all the bamboos that formed a 'tunnel'. 

Golden Palm Tree's icon

Resorts and Buggy Car. 

One of the specialty of the resort is buggy car services that fetch/send you from your villa. It's kinda impossible for those who stay at Canary Palm Villa to walk to their suite as there's quite some distance from the main lobby. It's fun to ride the buggy car but if during the peak season, imagine the time you have to spend and wait for the buggy car service. 

fun ride.

Room 315

This Canary Palm Villa we stayed is about 82sqm, very spacious and there's two rooms in this sea villa.   Marble bathroom and there's balcony for both of the rooms as well.

Living room with local & satellite television channels.

Queen sized bed and twin bed

Marble bathroom

Balcony area facing the sea, perfect for chillax time.


Bed are so fluffy and comfortable I don't wanna get up from it lol.

Shiny waves like diamonds, a sea full of treasures.

Tropical colours

The Villas and the sunset.

Me and Jean came to the resort as media to cover BizzyBody's Ambassador Search, hence we didn't have much time to explore the beach nor activities available, and I didn't bring my swimsuit too. Boohoo~ Feels so regret I didn't bring my swimsuit when I saw this:

Infinity Pool

Interior of the cafe located at main lobby.

Underexposure but I like the silhouette of the buildings.

Basically we just spent most of our time in the sea villa, lying on the bed or sitting at the chair outside the balcony. I'm thankful to be chosen as one of the media to cover the event and able to spend some time with the nature, a simple getaway from the urban life even just for one night, very much replenishes my energy to keep me going.

Beautiful morning, had our breakfast under this beautiful roof

Bila-Bila Cafe beside the pool.
One set of American Breakfast costs about RM28++.
Buffet breakfast costs about RM45++ per pax.

We ordered Egg Benedict and American Breakfast.
Too bad the Egg Benedict are tad bit too sourish.

Morning faces. lol.

Morning sea

Local fishing that morning.

Even though it's not solely for holiday, but I appreciate the stay and the arrangements for us a lot. Thank you once again to BizzyBody, Wyann International and Tammy Lim to get us to this wonderful place, and thank you Jean for being such a lovely companion too, had fun with you and as I've told you, this is the first time I travel with my friend. lol. Such a happy memories for year 2012.

Hope there will be more travel opportunities in year 2013! After I got back from Christmas Island, honestly, I fell in love with travelling already! Woots!


Jean said...

lovely photos!! glad i got to go along!!!! hope we will get another opportunities like this!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! Get your getaway at Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa at a discounted rate of more than 50% – only RM 350 nett!! Visit and drop me a comment! Thank you!:)