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It's been 2 weeks since year 2013 started, how you spend your two weeks so far? Hope that work goes smooth to all those who are working and for those who are studying, do pay attention on what teacher says. (Because my youngest brother said to me he's feeling abit confused now for bio and physics subjects. lol)

Anyway, what I want to share with you today, as you can see on the title, is the Japanese skincare and cosmetics brand HABA(Health Aid Beauty Aid) just recently organized a breast cancer awareness event with BCWA(Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia) at HABA's headquarter and that is the first breast cancer awareness event I've attended and I was shocked by the statistics of Malaysia women getting breast cancer. 

I feel that I've learned a lot of information from the campaign of course, I wish that this information can be share through my blog and you, who are reading this, no matter you're female or male, do check yourself and help/told your partner/mother/sister/aunty/cousins/niece etc etc to check too, you never knew what going on underneath the skin.

HABA, Health Aid Beauty Aid
A Premium Japanese skincare cosmetic brand that gives top priority to "safety" and adopting a "non-additive mindset" when producing their products.

What we need to do first, is self familiarisation with our own breast.

I don't know if it's only me, but I feel sorry for myself sometimes that I don't really familiar with my own body. I have no idea whether it's because of the culture, people around us who always ignore the importance of one's body or maybe, just me, we don't really talk about things publicly when it comes to sexual-related issue, but let's not ignore about breast cancer anymore! It has been the Top 2 killer among Malaysian women for the past years but we don't hear people talk about it! Is time to raise the alert even though it is not Pink October, but be aware always, that maybe will save your or your love one's live.

Lovely Pn. Zainab, speaker of that day's breast awareness event from BCWA.

Under BCWA, there's a program called:


MURNI Pink truck

MURNI is a program under BCWA which stands for Mobile Unit Reaching Nationwide with Information, which is a project set up to educate woman about breast cancer at rural areas, so that they won't ignore or afraid of having breast examination. Living in denial is a crucial key for death in breast cancer cases, early detection is extremely important and breast cancer can be treated if detected in its early stage.

These are the statistics of today's Malaysia women who get breast cancer:
Malay: 1 out of 28
Chinese: 1 out of 16
Indian: 1 out of 17
Chinese women are at highest risk among all groups.

Other than that, unhealthy lifestyle is a major cause for getting cancer cells active. 

Obesity, unhealthy eating habit, smoking, too much sweet and salty snacks/food.
Those who haven't gave birth before or have unusual early/late period are high riskers too.

As I mentioned before, early detection for breast cancer can be cure, but like how modern women who lives a busy lifestyle, we don't really take care of our health and worst, we seldom do body check-up. We only consult doctor when things get worst, i.e: when pain occurs. That's not early symptoms you know. So what are the procedure to do check-up for breast?

Yes, Mammogram and Self-Check
For women of are aged 40 and above, do at least once mammogram check a year.
Self check can be done easily, and I'm gonna show you how if you keep reading.

Here are some essential steps for self-check:

Look at the mirror everyday, without clothes.

Yes, spend some time and look at your breast area, it is important to watch out for any abnormal signs such as depressed nipple, changes to skin area around your breast, and look if you can see any lumps or depressed skin area as well. But do bear in mind, even though you found lumps, not all lumps are cancerous, you just have to get doctor to check it to ensure those are just normal lumps.

Some steps for self-examination:

Stand in front of the mirror and lift both of your hands up to see if there's any changes or visible lump, move to the left and right to see if your breast follows your movements or not. If there's lump, you can see the shadow of it popping up if you move around.

Bend forward, lie down with one hand up and use your other hand to check, pressure nipples to see if there's any abnormal fluid/blood discharge.

Pn. Zainab teaches us how to examine breast in a right way

Use your 3 fingers to do self-examination. Move and rub around your breast area to see if you feel any lump.

Sizes of lump, the chances of survive after cure.
Again, I repeat, not all lumps are cancerous. So don't freak out if you found one, consult doctor immediately.

Once again, early detection of cancerous lumps can be cure and the percentage of survive for at least 5 years after treatment is as high as 100%! This shows how important it is to do breast self-examination every month just in case, right?

Of course, there are ways for you to be the group with lower risk of getting cancer (you know sometimes things doesn't happen in a fair and square way, heard some healthy living lifestyle people got cancer just prove we don't know what is the God's plan for us) but that doesn't mean you can just ignore to live healthier. Live a healthy lifestyle, exercise often (or at least once a week), eat healthier like vegetables and fruits, don't drink too much, quit smoking, lower down intake of sugar and salt, you'll see the difference in you!

Why don't we start living a healthy lifestyle today? There's nothing to lose for sure!

If any of you need any help, do call BCWA for more information

After the talk, we were given 3 silicon boobs to feel for ourself how those lumps felt like when touched.

Touch it, feel it, learn the feeling and do self-examination!

If you ever come across BCWA event, do support them by buying their merchandise.

HABA is perfect for conducting the breast cancer awareness event because of its au-naturale products that has no manmade additive in them. HABA products does not contains any paraben, flavors, mineral oils, chemically synthesized tar colorings or petrochemical surfactants that may become burden for skin, or cause an allergic reaction (and some say cause for cancer).

Thank you HABA and BCWA for inviting me to this knowledgable event which information will last for a lifetime. Do share the information will all the female around you, and for male, there are still chances for you to get breast cancer too (says expert) so do self-examination every month, care for people around you and live a healthy lifestyle! Have an awesome weekend!

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