Friday, January 4, 2013

Legoland - Part 1

Travel post overload! Hahahaha. I foresee that next few upcoming posts will be related to travel as I have so many backlog posts of places I've been to I haven't blog it out yet! So many photos to choose from and to edit as well, until my eyes popped out already like a goldfish. lol.

Back at end of November, in conjunction with Bun's birthday, we decided to organize a family trip to Nusajaya, Johor and visited the latest tourist attraction of Malaysia - Legoland! It's been some time that three of us went for a trip so I'm super excited when that day arrived. Of course, not as excited as Xuan is as he's asking us almost everyday: When we go to Legoland? lol.

We bought a very good deal from Groupon which costs about RM350++ for a 2 day 1 night stay at KSL Hotel (5 Star) and two adult admissions of Legoland, transportation arranged and there we go, head to state of Johor, to Legoland. It's been quite some years since I last visit Johor, vaguely remembered it was with my family and we went there to attend a wedding. Can't remember anything bout that trip except the tv channels in the hotel which can receive Singapore tv channels. haha.

I don't know how long I've slept in the car, I just know that Xuan just won't let me 'rest in peace'. Keep on disturbing me and don't want to sit still. Naughty boy. I have to stuff him food and drinks so that he will sit quietly and munch on the food. 2 hours (or is it 3?) later, we reached Nusajaya, Legoland. Parked our car at Medina Mall's car park, a mall that links to Legoland which currently free of charges still, we slabbed on tons and tons of sunblock and head out to the fun!

Xuan of the Day

Me of the day, with a lousy t-shirt.

The MUST photo in front of main entrance of Legoland. Hahaha.
Weird pose we have.

Apparently, Xuan is unimpressed by my camera. haha.
First family photo of the year. 

The main constructions of Legoland are mostly done but there will be more attractions added in year 2013 and year 2014 such as water park and hotel! The Legoland Hotel will be a super lovely one that Xuan will love to bits. Maybe we should revisit Legoland again next year. 

Cute lego blocks decoration on the ticket booth, the details of a crew shirt (like!) and the crowd.
Most are Singaporeans and foreigners. 

Exchange rate and weather forecast.
Cute tickets and see that packaging of Double Decker Crackers there?
There's a voucher of 30% off for Children ticket, we use that to get discount. lol. 

Honestly, I'm just as excited as Xuan is. Don't know why I just couldn't act like a grown up and keep a slow pace while walking towards the entrance, have to hop and laugh with Xuan and run etc. lol. Maybe I'm just a big kid and enjoy the thrills and excitement of discovering a new place. I wonder if I'll remain like this till my older days? haha. Don't think that's a bad thing tho.

The very first lego decoration we saw, ask us to sneak into the park leh. lol.

Cute window decoration of the shops located near the entrance.
Look at the cameras the fella have on his neck! lol. 

The FIRST Lego made Christmas Tree in Asia!
The joy when looking at this tree is just indescribable. I took a lot of photos of it.

Even though the weather forecast calls for rain, the sun is scorching hot in the morning it can literally lit us up. Luckily I remember to bring my cap and sunblock that day if it wasn't for them, I think I'm going to go back to KL as a Malay girl already.

People are carrying umbrellas as they walk around.

Nissan lego car.
This Xuan go and climb a deco car. I think the heat kinda struck his brain or something hahahaha.

It was a Friday, there's quite an amount of people visit the park that day (imagine how crowded it will be on weekends) and approximately have to wait 10minutes for one ride. Unlike Genting you can wait under a cold weather, the heat actually crank up the nerves of the kids and adult as well, some people cut queues as the queuing system kinda lousy and there are children crying and throwing tantrums everywhere. I guess the hot weather plays a big part in the 'catastrophe'. 

Cute race cars!
This Xuan... I'm kinda worried that he'll grow up be an illegal car racer or something by the way he drives.

Eyes will be so busy locating cute lego decorations around the park, some of them are at place that aren't that obvious. Perfect for photo taking and all. Wait till you see all those miniatures of world's famous places which I'll put all the photos in another post, don't wanna make one post too long to read. You'll be amazed by all the tiniest details of those miniatures that are all built piece by piece using Legos. 

Shark bait ooh lala~

Legoland Express stration
We're gonna board on Legoland Express

Legoland Express has one of the longest queue of all rides, have to wait around 15minutes (or is it 20minutes) till our turn. The train brings you tour around the park, a temporary relief for need no to walk to explore what's available around. Just a short ride.

See, doesn't it look like I'm the excited kid or something? -_-

All the LEGO elements around.

The whole Legoland amusement park are divided into few areas:

- The Beginning = Which is the entrance to the park.

- Miniland = Asia in LEGO bricks. Miniature of Asia's famous countries, cities and landmarks recreated on a scale of 1:20, using more than 30 million of LEGO bricks.

- Imagination = Build and Test Centre, DUPLO Express, Observation Tower, DUPLO Playtown, Kid's Power Tower and LEGO Studios.

- LEGO Technic = The Park's fastest ride Project X, Technic Twister, Aquazon Wace Racers, LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO Academy are located in this area.

- LEGO Kingdoms = Where legends of Middle Ages come to life in LEGO. The Dragon Roller Coaster, The Dragon Apprentice, The Forestman's Hideout, Merlin's Challenge and Royal Joust are found here.

- Land of Adventure = Ancient LEGO Worlds which you can find rides like Dino Island, Lost Kingdom, Beetle Bounce, Pharaoh's Revenge.

- LEGO City = A LEGO World where children really take control and drive their own cars. Driving School and Junior Driving School, Boating School, LEGO City Airport, LEGOLAND Express and The Shipyard are located in this section.

We've already passed by The Beginning and went to LEGO City and now we'll head to LEGO Kingdoms! The background country music and the scenery really tricks me into thinking I've stepped into Robin Hood's era or Snow White's. Such a beautiful place!

Look at this!

The rock tower and flags, I wanna be Robin Hood! lol.

You can find soldier sleeping under the guard tower and snoring some more. Hahahaha.
Royal jester, dragons, very Middle Ages, all build with LEGO Bricks!

Lively wolves, bees and insects at the road side.

It feels like I'm in another world, with all the royal castle and tavern settings and LEGO Kingdoms. There are food stands located at each area I mentioned above, you can find different types of food offered to the visitors. For LEGO Kingdoms' food stand which is called Knight Feasts, there are grilled food such as burgers, hot dogs, sausages, chicken, fish, satay and lamb chips to satisfy visitors' appetites. 

Stopped by at Knight Feasts to get a cup of drinks. RM4.80 for a cup of soft drink, comes with a cute cup!

Then, Xuan runs to Royal Joust to be the prince that ride horse.

Here comes my white horse prince.

From LEGO Kingdoms, we walk to Imagination where all the DUPLOs are at. First ride is the Kid's Power Tower. I get to pass this ride as it requires some strength to pull the rope and lift the seats up. I am the photographer of the day so Bun will be the one suffer haha.

Kid's Power Tower

For each and every ride, there a tables where there'll be blocks of LEGOs placed there to entertain the kids while the parents queue and wait for their turn for the ride. I think it's a very good idea to get the kids occupied with the LEGO bricks, get their brains working while waiting.

Look alike? lol.

This ride requires a lot man power to manually lift up the seat and let it down again. lol.
I pass.

Silly pose again

DUPLO Playtown
For kids that are below 4 years old they can have fun here.

Can't help myself but kiss the parrot while we walk to Land Of Adventure.

We queue for Pharaoh's Revenge and Xuan keep on asking: Is it scary? Is it scary? LOL. How am I suppose to answer him when I also never play before? lol. Most of the rides in Legoland requires children to be 4 years old and above or 100/110cm and above to be eligible for the rides. Luckily Xuan is 4 years old and above and slightly taller than 110cm. If not, money wasted. Pharaoh's Revenge only requires 4 years old and above, I think won't be scary like ghost train or something right?

Just shoot the spiders and mummies with your laser gun.
Nothing scary. lol.
But this ride leaves deep impression in Xuan, keep on talking about how scary it was hahaha.

For those who plan to visit LEGOLAND, you can actually have your lunch at shops located in Medini Mall as your pass can be check out once from the park. So you don't have to dine at the food stands in LEGOLAND, we chose KFC as our lunch that day, but do expect a slightly different of pricing from other outlets, very much alike KLIA's price if you ask me, which I think is reasonable.

Yes, stay tune for Part 2 blog post as we play crazier rides later that day~!


Henry Tan said...

niceee! seems like everyone also been to legoland ad! while im not even there yet! >.<

Unknown said...

Henry, me too >_< must try to head there this year!

Reiko, we want part 2!!! :D

Yuh Jiun said...

wow legoland hotel & water park?! Hahaa it must be so fun!! part 2 please! :P

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Henry: Haha find one day and go lo. Online deals are the best, because RM140 for an adult ticket!

Ivan: Ok ok Part 2 coming soon!!!!

Yuh Jiun: I guess so! I will revisit Legoland in year 2014/2015! Can't wait!!!

Arisa Chow said...

Your son super duper cute wei XDD