Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nuffnang Fashion Fabulous Makeover

It was a Saturday afternoon, some said breezy some said rainy, but for me, I met a bunch of fashionista at a nice, cozy café at Publika called Coffee Société, and all thanks to Nuffnang and their Fashion Fabulous project, we are among the first that gets to join their first event - a makeover!

Wood-themed interior, can you smell the coffee?

Relaxing atmosphere

It's been awhile since I last took part in any Nuffnang events except for movie premiere screenings (I loooooove movie watching) and when I get the call from SueAnn that I'm invited to this makeover, anxiety and exciting feelings kicked-in. I get to meet people who share the same passion as me do but I'm not sure whether I'm that socially outgoing nowadays. Luckily, these are all the fabulous people I've met that day:

KifliMally,  Shea two popular fashion bloggers, Lin and her team as the make-up artists, wonderful people

Examples of make-up we're gonna get for that day, yummilicious name based on beverages
Guess what I opted for?

Bare face, lol. Iced Latte of Coffee Société is yum!
Love their candy cane straw~ So cute!

It's kinda funny that most of us are in different shades of blue apparel, colour of Nuffnang aye? I really love my moustache blue shirt which I got it from Malacca's Jonker Street!

Got Style? 

Makeup tools of Lin

Vinnie and I are ready to get our makeover done!

Just like every show I've done before, I am very excited to see the outcome of the makeover, is like going to see the different me created by my makeup artist.

Brown Cappuccino

Almost there...

Lastly, don't forget about hair!

Thank you Nissa, my make-up artist.

Shea, me and Vinnie for this makeover.
Shea is opted for blue colour, I chose for smokey brown and Vinnie get green + brown eyes.

Nice to meet two of you pretty ladies

Charis got her makeover as well!

Yummilicious mini pie by Let's Eat Pie.
Pretty face, nice coffee and delicious pie, what to ask for more eh?

Group photo of the day
Thank you everyone for the wonderful experience and a lovely afternoon.

If it wasn't for Nuffnang and their Fashion Fabulous project, I wouldn't be there and meet people who share the same passion in fashion. Thank you very much for this opportunity. If you're a blogger, do sign up at Nuffnang to earn as a blogger! You wouldn't regret it.

Shirt: Malacca
Leather skirt: Room 8008

Looking forward for more fashion event by Nuffnang! For more information, visit their website at www.nuffnang.com.my

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