Monday, January 7, 2013

Yes boy I'm One of A Kind

One of the reason I do modeling is because I get to try on various of styles and looks. Each and everytime will be different kind of styling for sure, and I'm in excited mood whenever there's hairstylists and make-up artists provided for a show. 

Here are some photos to showcase some of the few jobs I did one or two months back. Some of the looks are kinda extreme so don't think that you just saw a paranormal photography or something k? lol.

Cyber Fashion Icon by Hideaki Lim for Media Prima Network Screenings Selection 2013

Backcombed hair and pretty eye make-up.

Futuristic Silver and Electric Blue, me love!

Supermodel Rennee who came to support and assist the show.
Thank you!

Designer - Hideaki

With all the models

I didn't know there will be TV Network Screenings for Media Prima until I did this show. Lots of good programmes lining up to be on air this year under Media Prima's. We even saw Hong Kong TVB artists performed on stage and get to eat buffet after we did our show. Talking bout perks of work. :D

Thank you Hideaki Lim who is always been so supportive to local models and yes, I went to Christmas Island because he chose me to. Can't wait to share the experience with all of you, but wait till I finish process the 800++ worth of photos first. Too many photos, I don't know how to start. lol.

Hideaki Lim x Media Prima TV Networks Screenings, in conjunction with the cyber theme.

Tiger Beer Blue Christmas Ad and IOI Mall Fashion Show

Sometimes I worked for few jobs in one day, rushing here and there and be able to complete each and every job is mega satisfying. Those are one of the days I felt super contented. I wish I live everyday as busy as this day is - Rushing from Sg Wang to Cheras, then back home, to Sunway Damansara, then Puchong then home. Awesome.

Kinda stucked at this kind of cat eyeliner make-up.
I think I need to do some new style when it comes to dolling up myself. =X

Super love this dress!
Too bad it was just borrowed to me for few hours during the print ad shoot period only.

with supermodel Gwen Chin and very cute Artisha, who is a model as well. 

With Jenn.

Group photos time.

Even though we dolled-up like this, we can't see clearly of ourselves in the print ads actually. LOL.

I think I spot Gwen on the left and I'm on the right.
Hahaha. Life of an extra talent. Who ask me not to born as a caucasian? lol.

Rush to Puchong IOI Mall right after the shooting for the print ads done for my part. Thank God that day the traffic is clear and I don't have to stuck in the LDP highway. Managed to reach on time. Kinda worried the way I drive tho. =/

With Carolyn.

Street fashion

After the show, I joined Sonia and a gang of photographers' Karaoke session at Neways, Puchong.

It's been quite some time since I last met her, so happy to find a singing compatible friend like her.

That day considered as my first time to join outings like that, with a bunch of people whom I don't know personally, and that was my first time get to know Bryan Ah, the photographer that passed away last week due to an accident in a photoshoot session. That shocked me and once again reminds me of how fragile life is. I couldn't believe that someone I know just disappear like that. Sigh.

May you rest in peace Bryan, I will remember how friendly you are.

In-Publishers 9th Anniversary Party
(gothic-looking photos ahead)

A Cut Above did a show for In-Publishers 9th Anniversary Party and I'm one of the models for this Avant Garde Gothic hairshow. Honestly if any of you were at the party that day, I don't think you manage to recognize me because I can't even recognize myself. lol.

Heavy make-up

This is what happens when your eyebrows are actually not your real eyebrows.

Process of clipping hairs and ready to wear wig,
I just realize it kinda looks like a process in those traditional Chinese opera.

Jeng jeng jeng~
I was so excited to wear wig but seriously, it hurts after long hours wearing it.
I really salute those models who can wear wigs for the whole day, I'll die of headache it causes.

Ever since I cut my hair for a show two years ago, I cannot forget how tough those times are for me, for people who change the way they look at me as less feminine, for shows they reject me as short hair hard to do hair arrangements and style it up. I faced a lot of blocks when I have short hair, am glad now it's kinda long but when the hairstylist wears the wig on me, he said: I think you look more outstanding with short hairstyle. I was like: O_O!!!! *add thunders and lightning background sounds and effect*

Dilemma, when a professional tells you what he thinks, I often think it is right and suitable to me, or else he won't said that right? But my heart yearns for long and curly locks which I can curl it, straighten it, tie it up, braid it up etc. I just wanna be the long hair girl for these few years, who knows I might cut it super short again, right? 

My complete look for that day.
Make-up done by Ray from A Cut Above.

The party was held at il lido, an Italian fine dining restaurant located at Jln Yap Kwan Seng. Ever since few of my friends went there to celebrate their 'in-a-relationship' anniversary, I was hoping I can visit the restaurant too (for the love of spaghetti and Italian food), but I never thought of my first time visit will be when I have to work instead of being a customer. lol. Anyway, thanks il lido for providing the aglio olio spaghetti to all of us models as dinner, it was tasty.

With Cassandra and Celine

The 5 of us.


Last but not least, something not so scary:

Carlsberg Print Ad Slide Shoot

I'm the bride of the day and Angelica is the girl who cries when she watches Korean drama. lol.

Guess this pretty much sums up the the last few jobs I did for year 2012. Thank you for those who gave me the chances and opportunities to work, I'm feeling indescribable grateful for each and every work I get and work for. Hope year 2013 is a good one, more modeling jobs and so. 

If you're keen to engage me as model for your blogshop/fashion show/events, do drop me an email at! 


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