Friday, February 8, 2013

Balik Kampung

Am on the ETS train now, waiting for the train to depart.

Although the feel of Chinese New Year isn't that strong this year (to me) but it's still a happy thing to be able see my lovely Xuan Xuan and accompany him for few days.

I wonde
r did I really pack a lot of things this trip as I barely can zip my luggage. That heart-attack moment when you thought you can't zip it up is horrible, that means you have to repack! No~!!!

Anyway, just had a hearty breakfast and I bought Pokka's Premium Milk Tea to try! I ♥ Pokka so much.

Think I'll take a nap on the train as I've been awake since 2am to pack my luggage, that's how much time a procrastinator needs to pack her luggage lololol.

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