Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Even though it's just a normal day, it's not really THAT normal to me after all, because I finally hang out with a friend whom I've known for 6years, for the first time.

A proper girls day out, which involve food, drinks, movie, groceries shopping(cny coming ma… lol) and arcade games! It's quite shocking when she ask me to go to arcade centre and play one round of car racing game. I never encounter any girl who ask me that.

As I've mentioned in my Facebook earlier, I'm like the husband who accompany his wife out for a day. lol. But I guess a lot of guys will be eagerly wanting to replace my position if the wife is my friend. Hahahaha. She's good wife material also okay!

Happy day, hope can hang out more often with her in the future because she's always busy working. See you again dear!

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