Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eat Shit

I guess this is one of the most horrifying food consuming experience I ever had so far in my life, the feeling is really like - eat shit.

Guess you know what I just ate - stinky tofu at Taman Connaught's night market. Brave myself for this because Peiyue told me it's delicious. Since this will be the last time I see her, so I wanted to do something more 'memorable'. lol. 

I tried both method - with and without chili sauce. Trust me, without chili sauce is definitely like eating a poop that is so crunchy I immediately feels nauseous, wanted to puke it out but I just take a deep breathe and gulp it down. Yucksss!!! Eewwwwww!! I don't feel like talking to anyone right after it.

But with chili, it was more 'consumable'. We had some pretty good laugh bout this tonight. Haha. Happy night it is.

Bon Voyage Peiyue. See you soon!!!

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