Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hotel Deluxe

Had so many food in just few hours, surely is a good start for this coming Chinese New Year eh!? lol.

Thanks to le bro Kevin who gave us his premiere movie because he had to attend a wedding dinner, we had some pretty good laugh in the cinema! Hotel Deluxe is a good one, remember to bring your family and friends to watch during this festive season ya!

Finally tried the Burger Kaw Kaw, but it was just so-so only. Now I really don't understand what the previous hype is all about… lol.

Anyway, coordinate of the day:

Tops: Divided by H&M

Leather Shorts: Duet

Shoes and bag: Offline Blogshop

Did a smokey eye-make today, been so long since I last did one, feels a bit weird when apply. Need more practising before I forgot everything about proper make-up technique. lol.

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