Friday, February 1, 2013

Namoo on the Park

An impromptu date with my girlfriend of the day Peiyue at Publika. Decided to try Namoo on the Park sincw we both never been there before.

The word "Korean desserts" interests me, and decided to give Namoo a try. Ordered Namoo Lemonade and Namoo Fruit Water (peach) and Mat Tang as desserts. Too bad it wasn't to my liking because I poured too much honey sauce in it, made it super sweet. *shivers*

Anyway, thanks for being my sweetheart for a day, cooked me dinner and all. Haha. Love you oh~ lol!

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Jean said...

me like this cafe a lot too! not just because it's a korean cafe, but also they serve very special food n drinks! u shud try their sweet potato latte & sweet potato cake! (but dun order both together cox it's very... er... 腻. lol and best to share with fren.)