Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Croods

is so freaking hilarious I can't even!!!

Such a stress-free movie for the weekend and great family movie! So many good moral values in it and the pets are so colorfully cute and fluffy!

Xuan laughed so loud in the cinema ohmigosh I have to keep asking him to cool down. He even laughed till spilled half of the popcorns out of the bucket. LOL. Calm down kiddo!!!

Okay~ All set to sleep and early morning schedule waiting ahead! Night ya'll.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Breakfast time with Xuan Xuan.

Looks like both of us found our own way of enjoying this lovely morning. He made some new friends and I'm reading a new book.

Good day to everyone of ya~!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The PINK Life with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink

Pink, is not just a colour anymore. It represents feelings, an attitude, a lifestyle. Although I'm not a girly person in real life, but whenever I come across things in pink colour, I will be attracted by it. I guess that's what we called - Girls Nature. The romantic, cute and lovely feeling when we saw something cute just bloom in our heart, and make us fall in love over and over again.

Pink Sky, definitely not something we will see averagely, but it is so romantic!!!

As I've mentioned above, I'm not known as the girl who likes pink stuff, I never was. I'm more tough and quirky at the outside, but in the inside, I'm just like every girl who will mesmerized by things that comes in pink. I guess that's what girls hope for sometimes - To be treated like a princess, own a beautiful room with some pink, cute, girlish, princessy decorations. Sometimes when I feels like expressing my feminine side, I will dress myself in pink too.

Pink lips with a pink dress. 

I will buy stuff in pink too, which how normally people don't. Such as:

Who will buy running shoes in pink? LOL

Do you know that I have a buddy, who is pink in colour and I even brought her to cinema? Meet my buddy:

My buddy - Pink bunny! She's my sleeping companion.

On and off, here and there, there's always some trails of pink with me. Pink clothing, or plushies, or accessories and even the way I did my make-up. What I can't really resist, is an electronic gadget in PINK! Which is the latest addition in the Samsung family - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in MARTIAN PINK!!!!

Pink casing, pink S Pen, everything is love!!!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2's pink-diamond-hue is just what girls will die for. I literally died over and over again every single time I look at the gadget. Everything is so perfect for this gadget! I have to resist the urge to break the security wire and runaway with it. *phew~!* I tried so hard for not squealing over its cuteness at the Samsung store!

If you're on the spot, you probably will see some hearts floating around me like the photo above while I lay my hands on the pink device.

This Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Martian Pink caters all the needs of a girl (someone who as geeky like me). 5.5-inch HD Display (super vivid display I tell you!!!), quad-core processor, 8megapixels camera, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean system, and of course the cute and unique pink S Pen which comes with the pink device.

Pink Pink Pink!!!

"Be Creative, Be Different" is what Samsung wants to achieve for their users using Note 2, and the Martian Pink Galaxy Note 2 totally stand out from others! Minus all the boring colours we see for electronic devices, with this Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in pink, I can be all cute and girly or feminine yet stylish!

Like what Jean commented on this photo - it is romantic, cute and funky!

 Or more to a stylish pink geek?

This Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Pink is now added into my wishlist!!! My birthday gift perhaps? :DFor more information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Martian Pink, you can log on to Samsung Mobile Malaysia's Facebook or check their twitter page at!

Okay, is time to call my buddy the Pink Bunny now!
Talk to ya'll later!!! Anyeong~!!

p.s: Not-self-shot-photos credit to Xavier and Kenny. Thank you very much guys!!! 

Touch of Butterfly

Finally I can have photoshoot and photos to update my portfolio.

Theme for today's look is butterfly. Although the make-up looks like Natalie Portman's Black Swan look, I love it! Iris (my makeup artist of today) did a great job! Steven Stephen from ST Makeup Academy trained their students well!!

Had so much fun during makeup and shooting. Fun people from ST Makeup Academy and the photographers (Kezzen, Ken and Patrick) are very sporting too! Such a pleasure to work with all them today. Already been tagged by Ken for a few photos he uploaded on FB already. Is that efficient or what!

Thank you everyone for being such friendly and lovely working partners, nothing beats all the laughter when we share moments together!

p.s: I love the gown I wore so, so, soooooo much!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hair Show Prep

Wow! It's been 2 years since I last did a hair show. Didn't feel like doing it because the pay is so low and most of the time, they require models to cut their hair short. Growing the hair out is such a long process i didn't wanna go through it again and again.

Then Wella approached, just colour and styling, no major style change, just a lil bit trimming. Totally suits what I need! Some more I'm all into daring colours with all the green blue purple pink hair trend going on, so why not?

My hair is in mixed colours now, but mainly dark and ashy blue as base colour. Love it!!! Although washing hair, towel and clothing wise may be a lil bit fussy (strictly no light colour at all! Sweat may lead to colour transfer to clothes) but this is all I want for now!

Feeling all Harajuku/Shinjuku-ish! Yayyyy!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Raffles 29th Graduation Show - Look See

One of the show I find it fun and joyful recently, despite the packed schedule and the adrenaline rush at backstage during showtime, everthing is good!

Saw a lot of senior models doing their thing, and I love the designs of Raffles students, so vogue and high fashion! Love it love it! Too bad I didn't take a lot of photos that day, what a waste.

Thank you to all designer students Min, Mun Yi, Iven and Lisa with their amazing designs that I wore on that night, thanks to Syakella, Nicole and Noelle whom I had fun with during that 2 days of show, Desmond and Onggus who did my hair, the MUAs and everyone I met.

Another great experience added into my page of modeling life. Thankful to the universe for the chances and all.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Past Week Fashion Coordination

It's been such a long, long time since I did a blogpost about Past Week Fashion. If you followed my blog/instagram, you may find that these photos actually have already been posted for quite some time. LOL. Anyway, here's a "whole collection" of them.

My Travel Style:
Top: GM Klang
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Ipoh Parade
Bag: BTS

One of my Favourite style:
Top: Koh Samui's Chaweng Night Market
Shoes: Converse
Bag: H&M

"Couple" Look with my bestie Peiyue:
Checker Top: UNIQLO
Shorts: Nichii
Slipper: Cotton On

One of the look I rocked during Chinese New Year:
Cat Top: BTS
High-Low Skirt: BTS
Shoes: Converse

Innocent Bambi Look:
Bambi Knit Dress: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Singapore

Spring Look:
Pastel Green Knit Top: UNIQLO x CanCan
Leather Skirt: Room8008
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Singapore

The Demure Look on the last day of Chinese New Year:
Skirt: BTS
Shoes: H&M
Bag: BTS

This Jacket is totally a STEAL!!!
Top: GM Klang
Leather Shorts: DUET
Hybrid Military Leather Jacket: Cotton-On
Shoes: H&M
Bag: H&M

The Monotone Look:
Rabbit Print Top: H&M
Leather Shorts: DUET
Bag: Offline Blogshop
Platform Oxford: Offline Blogshop

Street Casual Mix:
Top: Connaught Night Market
Jacket: Cotton On
Shoes: Converse
Bag: H&M

The Not-Typical-Classic kinda look:
Dress: BTS
Tights: 100Yen Shop
Bag: BTS
Heels: Forever21

That's all for now. I just love dressing up!!! XD

Make-Up Duo

I still remember that during my high school time, me and my friends would purposely dress-up in a theme and hang out together, and there's where I get whole lots of experience by helping my friends (and even my teacher) draw their face make-up. 

Although it may feels a bit stress because you're afraid to hurt the person if you're using too much stress when brushing her face/eyelids or curling her eyelash, but the satisfaction of seeing a totally different person from the outcome is enormous! I love to doll-up people around me so much I enjoy doing it now and then.

BUT... I never filmed a video when dolling up my friends. That's totally something new isn't? Hahaha. When I was given two products from Kiss Me's Heavy Rotation series and was told to do it in video, I was like: OMG I'm gonna fail big time, who am I gonna ask???? Who will do this kinda funny stuff with me???

These are REALLY, REALLY good!
Love them to bits!!!

Then I was thinking: Since my friend Aira enjoy being make-up by me, why don't ask her for a girls day out then can film this thing together. Hahaha. When I first propose this idea to Aira she was like: Oh my I'm so camera-shy leh.... hahaha. But then she agrees to help me. Many thanks to you girl! *loves* 

So here it is, the very FIRST video I shot and editted with me and my friend in it. It got so many flaws, a lot of improvement needed. lol. 

Hahahaha Okay la I can't stop laughing at the videos but it was fun seriously. I consider this as one of the preserved memories I have with my friend. Such a fun day out with her, good food, good movie, good times spent laughing and taking purikura. Did you know that some purikura machine have this phone application linking system that shares the photo to your phone? LOVE IT! Now I can have clear purikura photos!

Act cute max hahahaha. Don't you just love Aira's pinkish nude lips?