Tuesday, March 19, 2013


They said: When you're not feeling good bout yourself, go out and see the world. One method which will boost the "happy hormones" in you is through sport and sweat it out.

Just finished a basketball session with my brothers and a short run. I kinda forgot how fun playing basketball is, glad that I can experience it all over again. (Even though I suck at it now…) On my way back home, saw the beautiful sunset, ahh~ Life is good!

On the other hand, I bought my first baseball jacket and it was my first visit to Romp as well. LOL. Unbelievable that even though the brand was around since my teenage years but never once I have the urge to shop there. This time it's different because…

The have the 'R' on the jacket! That's what made me fell in love with it. My initial as well as the name of Nicholas Hoult's character in Warm Bodies. Hahaha.

Gosh I'm in fan girl mode now~ Totally crazy over him! But not as crazy as my bff Aira though, she had her phone wallpaper changed, to Nicholas Hoult hot pic. Hahahaha. Way you go girl!

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