Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lence Ladies Academy

Just did a show for Lence Ladies Academy at Greencity College. Such a long time since I last wore a bridal gown, and this time it's in Royal Purple colour, one of my fav.

Zonk off during the live make-up exam session and my head keeps swaying here and there. Have to close my eyes for my makeup artist - Catherine to do eye makeup and and at the same time resist to fall asleep. Such a hard thing to resist don't you think so? lol.

Work along with Nicole and QiQi too, it's nice to have girls you know around you during work, do some lil chit-chat and selca, all the girls stuff. Thanks Sebastian and the instructors of the academy, and thank you Catherine for putting up with me this sleepy head.

Next thing to do will be to decide what's for dinner with my brothers later. lol.

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