Sunday, March 3, 2013

Like a Child

There goes Day 1 of Cite Cosme Beauty Awards event and today is the second day. I shall not talk about the workshop I worked for yesterday because I haven't finish editing the photos yet BUT I got something more excited to show you~!!!

Right after our workshop was the hairshow by Celeb Trendz salon and Da Monster was one of the guest appearance for the session, but that's not all, what really gets me all excited and leave my seat was the two character from LINE application - Brown and Cony, appear at the event area, dance, did a mini giveaway and let us take photos with them.

I reckon that was one of the happiest moment I had ever felt throughout this whole week no thanks to my unstable emotion because of hormones. Now whenever I look at the photos, I feel so happy and I wish I can see these two characters again today. lol.

Mr. Rabbit Cony~!

Me the rabbit and Mr. Brown

Such a happy moment!
Smiling silly like a child lol.

Thank you LINE
Now I have problem of where to stick these limited edition LINE stickers.

Nonetheless, remember to come and support Cite Cosme Beauty Award today at Paradigm Mall if you're free! A lot of goodies to be giveaway and not to mention, discounts as well for beauty stuff! Me and the rest of the models from ViVi, Mina and Queen will be doing a fashion show at 2:30p.m.! Come Support okay!!!

See ya'll ♥

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