Sunday, March 24, 2013

Make-Up Duo

I still remember that during my high school time, me and my friends would purposely dress-up in a theme and hang out together, and there's where I get whole lots of experience by helping my friends (and even my teacher) draw their face make-up. 

Although it may feels a bit stress because you're afraid to hurt the person if you're using too much stress when brushing her face/eyelids or curling her eyelash, but the satisfaction of seeing a totally different person from the outcome is enormous! I love to doll-up people around me so much I enjoy doing it now and then.

BUT... I never filmed a video when dolling up my friends. That's totally something new isn't? Hahaha. When I was given two products from Kiss Me's Heavy Rotation series and was told to do it in video, I was like: OMG I'm gonna fail big time, who am I gonna ask???? Who will do this kinda funny stuff with me???

These are REALLY, REALLY good!
Love them to bits!!!

Then I was thinking: Since my friend Aira enjoy being make-up by me, why don't ask her for a girls day out then can film this thing together. Hahaha. When I first propose this idea to Aira she was like: Oh my I'm so camera-shy leh.... hahaha. But then she agrees to help me. Many thanks to you girl! *loves* 

So here it is, the very FIRST video I shot and editted with me and my friend in it. It got so many flaws, a lot of improvement needed. lol. 

Hahahaha Okay la I can't stop laughing at the videos but it was fun seriously. I consider this as one of the preserved memories I have with my friend. Such a fun day out with her, good food, good movie, good times spent laughing and taking purikura. Did you know that some purikura machine have this phone application linking system that shares the photo to your phone? LOVE IT! Now I can have clear purikura photos!

Act cute max hahahaha. Don't you just love Aira's pinkish nude lips? 

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