Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pavilion Pitstop Look-See Raffles Show

Just finished bath and I can't wait to show you all the photos that we took today before, during and after the Raffles show at Pavilion.

Huge, pretty chandelier at the middle of the hexagonal stage, talented designers, friendly agents and models, everything is so nice I literally had a great time today!

Although our make-up is kinda thick but I think we did rocked the show! Thank you for everyone who helped and supported each others. Even I made some really good friendship during this show!  LOL. Those funny bitches~ XD

Had lunch at Sticky Fingers, level 4 with Syakella and the food there is so delicious!!!! I kinda miss having their set lunch which is the Seafood Tom Yam Spaghetti Carbonara now. *drools* And my first time trying Esppresamente illy's Espresso Chocolate fondante! Literally one of the best caffeine drinks I've had recently .

Wore Silas Liew's, Joe Chia's and Jaslyn(?unsure T-T) design during the shoe. Really love their creation. Have no idea I'll be the one leading the group, it got me all nervous!!! Luckily everything went smoothly. Hooray!!!

Gotta rest now, Raffles Show Day 2 tomorrow. Can't wait!!!!

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