Friday, March 15, 2013

Sakura Collection 2013

Happy Belated White Day everyone, in case some of you forgotten that yesterday (March 14th) is actually White Valentine's Day, and I only learnt that it is also Pi Day. (3.14………… lol)

To me, I spent this year's White Day with people who actually know the meaning of it - Japanese! Haha Japanese actually celebrate White Day, guys will confess/respond to girl's confession on this day, so lovely right? Anyway, Thank to Yuri-san, I worked with the people of Japan Embassy, JETRO, Noriko-san and supermodels Amber and Wilson on this day.

I'm so grateful for being remembered as the "model who have the passion for fashion, Japan and their culture". Wore Sakura Collection's Student Awards 2012 winner - Agnes Low's creation during the Sakura Collection 2013 Press Conference.

I love it!!!! I feel like a modern female Samurai, give me a Katana and I can conquervthe world kind of feeling. On the other side Yuri-san say she feels like I'm the queen from Alice in the Wonderland. LOL. Well, now you know that our taste are kinda heavy when it comes to fashion.

Such a great opportunity to be able to stand along with other top models in this event. Even though I did not get to eat any white chocolate which I'm craving for the whole day, this experience is just as sweet as that!

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Jean said...

i love that piece that you are wearing. mysterious, elegant and sexy!