Monday, March 18, 2013

The Hoult Cult

Experienced THREE first time today - Left my purse at home while going out with my bff Aira, had my first meal of Manhattan Fish Market in my life and shot videos with Aira. LOL

Girls day out with Aira, whom I haven't seen her since last year, feeling so thankful to the universe that she's living a happy life now. That's what I want for her. Nothing can say how happy I am for her.

I didn't know Manhattan Fish Markey had such yummilicious cheezy fries, fish & chips and Oreo Kaboom. The Mud Pie tastes kinda weird tho… Then later on we catched a movie - Warm Bodies!

Nicholas Hoult! Both of us can't stop drooling over his lengzainess! He is being soooooo sweet in the movie and I just can't stop my love growing for him hahahaha. Me and Aira keep on talking bout him.

The day ended with Purikura and a cup of tea at mamak. Everything was great! Let's do it again soon!

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