Sunday, April 21, 2013

Malacca Dangerous

Just to be clear, this post's title is an adaptation from the movie "Bangkok Dangerous". Just a personal thing, nothing to do with Malacca's current crime rate or environment, do take note. :)

It is quite hectic when we only have so less time to complete visit all the good food places at Malacca. The first night of our arrival, we decided to visit Portuguese Settlement and also night bar at Jonker Street, although it was a Thursday and we already aware that there are so few happening place available during night time around Malacca.

My first time to Portuguese Settlement and I love the place so much! Dining beside the sea with friendly restaurant owner, although the taste of the food may be a little bit too extreme to me. We decided to try Stall no.6 - Big Benz after read the tips in Foursquare, the food was good! We ordered Baked Fish and Fried Brinjal, the baked fish was tad bit spicy to me. It is so hilarious that they ordered Mango juice there but the taste is kinda funny and three of them can't finish a cup of juice. lol. Luckily I ordered a cup of Lime juice instead, but super sourish ones.

After dinner we decided to chill at the end of the bridge located just beside the restaurants, it was a starry night and the sea breeze is just way too comfortable! We stargazed and chatted, then there's this group of youngsters came over and next to our group. While we're busy chatting, suddenly there's an aunty started talking in a loud note to one of the youngster, then they started an argument in front us. We just stunned there not knowing what to do. We kept quiet while some of them walked away and some remain seated there.

Laogao accidentally looked at their direction and he got yelled at. That guy shouted: What the fuck are you looking? You got any problem? Laogao answered in a polite manner saying "nothing." Then the youngster and the rest of the gang just left the place. I was kinda scared that they will beat us up or something. Luckily no. Phew~! I think they are from the Portuguese village based on the English they communicate.

We decided to consume another round of food before we head back to hotel for a quick shower. Capitol Satay Celup is our choice when it comes to supper. You have no idea how much we ate despite we just had our dinner not long ago. Had a lot of seafood tofu and meatballs, Elise's choice of food and mine are so similar. lol.

After a quick shower back at hotel, we decided to hit Jonker Street for drinks. Laogao, who drives us around during the trip, wasn't realltly familiar with all the roads around, and I'm the GPS for this trip.

While we're finding parking around Jonker Street, we reached this cross junction. While Laogao's driving noticed there's a couple who walked so near to the right side of his car he had to watch out for not hitting them but he forgot that it was a cross junction and there were cars coming from the left.

I literally screaming "car! car! car!!!" and closed my eyes because I'm so afraid the car will hit us and the next thing Elise said was "Oh My God it's police car." We're doomed, or at least Laogao is. We're being stopped aside and Laogao have to go down and answer some questions, and of course summoned for driving recklessly. I guess this incident kinda defect our mood and throughout the drinking session we didn't have really much to talk about…

Until one of the bartender came over and chat with us and showed us some bartender tricks. We went to Eleven bistro introduced by my friend and it was really a good choice. The bartender called Gen (or you can call him Bangkali, as what he told us) is so funny and talkative that we had some really good time at the bar and literally forgot bout our nearly-car-crash-incident.

As you can see, our Malacca trip is kinda adventurous we got kinda worn out on that night. But little did I know, the scariest incident has yet to happen. Will write more bout this trip soon!

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