Friday, April 12, 2013

MidValley Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Week - Pepe Jeans

Wednesday was the day I spent all my time at MidValley attending events. It looks like as if I'm working at MidValley lol.
An impromptu meet up with Amanda and Sheena because they're supporting Soo for walking Pepe Jeans show at MidValley that night. Thanks to Don and his friends for getting us into the fashion show event so that we able to watch the fashion show in a close distance.
Steal some star balloons for Sheena and that became a prop for our outfit of the day shoot. lol. Super love balloons. If anyone wanna get me flowers, it is better you get me balloons. Haha. *hint hint*
Camwhore, drank beer, fun chat, played pool, watch dvds and vomited. Hahaha. Been quite some time since I last enjoyed the night like this.

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