Sunday, April 28, 2013

RED is the New Black

Little did you know, I was once obsessed with the colour red. I buy tops in red, skirts in red, even my shoes are in red too. The colour of red is so attractive I just can't even. It gives me so much positive energy that I feel energetic and high-spirit when I'm wearing red.

At some occasion, I find that red also express the sexiness within, like a pair of red lips, one tight-fitting red dress or a pair of red high-heels. Isn't that something that attract everyone's eyeballs? Definitely catch mine tho. Sometimes when I feel more feminine on a particular day, I will wear red lipstick too.

Red just make everything stands out isn't?

Red is definitely the new black!

Red is definitely my colour I can say.

When I learn about Samsung Mobile Malaysia import the limited edition Ruby Wine Red colour Galaxy Note 2, I rush to the nearest Samsung outlet to have a look of the sexy gadget myself.

Yeah, we can now has Galaxy Note 2 in Ruby Wine!
Don't have to fly all the way to Korea to get it.

The real Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Ruby Wine Red look just as sexy as the ones I saw in photos can!!!

I really love the actual device colour, so much more elegant!

Look at the Ruby Wine red colour under flashlight.
Really is wine colour,  the more you look the more feeling you have for it.

Performs as swiftly like how Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is, the colour red just bring the device to a whole new level of prettiness! I can't imagine how charming it'll be to whip out Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in red in front of my friends and family. That'll definitely set their eyes on me and my phone don't you think so?

As delicious as wine.

And did I tell you that this is a Limited Edition colour? 

Kinda think it suits my look, don't you think so?

Be touch by the first colour of Spring, touch by its passion and insipi-red by its flaunting colour that boost your creativity in life. Get your hands on this oh-so-kissable-coloured phone today. For more information, do click onto Samsung Mobile Malaysia's Facebook or Samsung Malaysia's Twitter for more info, or visit the Samsung outlets near you!

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