Friday, April 26, 2013

Swedish House Mafia - One Last Tour in Kuala Lumpur

Can't believe I'm blogging about something that happens back in January this year, but I'll be unsatisfied if I don't because this is one damn good experience I had - Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!!! (Also as known as Reiko's first ever self-purchase ticket to a concert/rave party lolololol)

Although I'm not a real fan of Swedish House Mafia, but I listen to their songs occasionally and after I learned that this is going to be their last world tour before they disband, I feel it's definitely a must go for me to experience their live performance. Honestly, it was so, so good, by far the best concert I've ever went this year!

The concert was held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, I remember it was a Friday and I reach Sunway Pyramid so early to beat the hectic traffic at that area. The gang that I'm watching this concert with are actually Tammy's friends, but too bad she's not into rave party so it is just me and her friends. Luckily all of them were cool so we get together pretty well before the concert starts. 

Look of the day - Turquoise x Pink

I kinda forgot what event me and Lisa went earlier that day that in the end she followed me to Sunway Pyramid and we chilled at Starbucks while waiting for my friends to reach. Funny thing is everytime the Starbucks baristas wrote the wrong name on my cup even though I spelled it out alphabet by alphabet, so I decided to do what my other friend did - use some character names. This time I chose Sailormoon, but guess what, they get it wrong anyway.... Sigh.

Yeah right, Salemoo. Hahahaha. Whatever!!

I waited for hours before the first in the gang arrive, I remembered that it was raining on that day and we kinda worried the concert can't carry on as scheduled, but luckily it stopped before the show begin. Had our dinner at Asian Avenue and finally saw my ticket stub for the first time. Thanks Daniel for helping all of us buy the ticket.

Ohai One Last Tour, here we come!!!

Maybe I'm a noob, they told me it isn't necessary to enter the venue that early, and we can chill at the bar near the boulevard and had few drinks before we head to Sunway Surf Beach. We chilled at the bar until 9pm, then only we head to the venue. I must say, their timing is very good! lol.

With Daniel and Roger

With Joanne.

9pm, I can't wait to go in, and I quickly urge all of them to finish all the beer they've ordered. I guess they are pretty much good drinker as those amount of beer to them are nothing. LOL. Did I mention that Jean was with us as well? Too bad she have to accompany her friends, we didn't have much time spent together and didn't even take one single photo together!! SIGH!!!

XPAX X Zone.

This is real!!!
I'm gonna rave for the first time in my life!

We spent quite some time queuing up and waiting for friends to go to the loo and all. At that very moment we reach Sunway Surf Beach, that's the exact time where Swedish House Mafia takes over the stage and start their performance with the big curtains down and fireworks blasting from stage. At that time we are so excited we can't find our zone's entrance. Have to go through all the people and a lot of people being pushy as well. Not an easy task to get to our zone at all, and in the middle of the 'mission', we lost track of some friends. Yikes.

This is the closes we can get to.
Actually it is closer than you see in this photo. LOL

I think 12 of us... and we split into 3 groups. Jean one group, another group and 4 of us stuck in the middle of the people inside the party zone. We didn't really contact each other as the signal is so bad at that time, we just party on.

I can't recall all the songs being played that night, but I remember each and every of them was good. The graphics from the LED are so good too that it brings our emotion to another level. This is how a good concert should be, bringing their audiences to a level which the experience is so unique that nothing can beat being there on the spot by themselves.

Everybody is getting more and more high~!

Barely can see Daniel's eyes already.
But it was fun.

Half way through the concert, it started to rain again, luckily it is not pouring, just drizzle, totally good enough for cool down the heat of the whole surf beach, or else I find it's gonna be so hard to even breathe. Of course, pity those who wear glasses as the steam keeps showing on their lenses. The rain just make everything better!!!

Everybody was dancing around!
So fun!

One of my favourite song from Swedish House Mafia - Antidote!

I love love loveeee this graphic so much!


When Malaysia flag was shown on the screen and Swedish House Mafia are waving our flags,
I feel so touched!
Everybody is here, at Malaysia, Sunway Surf Beach, unite as one because the love of their music.

Of course, confettis are a must!

Their signature 3 dots!
Everybody is in a climax state already!

Although I'm not a person with good stamina, but surprisingly I can dance and jump in a rave party continuously for 2 hours or more! That's how much I love dancing and music. I can't even last a 10 minutes badminton game but I can dance like there's no tomorrow. I'm quite amazed by my dancing stamina lol.

Last but not least, the Thank You we received from Swedish House Mafia!

By the time the party ends, we're already soaking wet!

It is one true unique experience I've been through this year, one which I will never forget. The rain that keeps raining on us, we who keep dancing and sing a long with Swedish House Mafia keep playing their songs. The unity I felt when all of us throw our hands in the air, with the rhythm and the beat, everything was perfect.

It is really such a sad thing for them to disband after their last performance on March 24th, but I will never forget their awesome performance in Malaysia. Thanks to all my friends who went to the concert together, I really had a great time with all of you!

You Came.
You Raved.
We Loved It.

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