Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The V3 Revolution

Brother company has recently organized a seminar at Genting International Convention Centre and Hues Models and Move Kids Catwalk by Yanekki were appointed as models for a fashion show to showcase their new sewing machines masterpieces - The V3 Revolution.

I just came back from Genting the day before the fashion show's rehearsal and for continuously going up and down,to and from Genting for 4 days straight really makes me feel super unwell. Luckily still can cope with it and the girls were kind enough letting me sit at the front seat.

Thanks Yanekki for all the arrangements during the 2 days, so fun talking with all the girls. Everybody is so nice and outgoing, we watched horror movie together even at First World Cineplex. Hahahaha Really admire some girls for their courage because they are afraid of ghosts and we're at Genting some more. Thanks for being so sporting! Haha. They call me as 关公 (General Guan from the Romance of Three Kingdoms) because I'm not afraid of anything. They say I'm immuned towards horror movie lololol. I guess so.

Longest runway, pretty make-up with mask, fun environment, all is well! There's two lil girls who are aged 7 doing the show too, they are so cute and talkative! Hahaha. Thanks for all the wonderful memories, definitely will miss all the good times we spent  together!

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