Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ViVi Star Search Finale 2013

I should start this post with "Once upon a time, there was a bunch of girls took part in the ViVi Malaysia Star Search contest..." Super long overdue post can!!! Most of you (especially avid ViVi Malaysia readers) already knew I'm not one of the top 3 winners for the contest, so... LOL!

Betcha wanna know what happened during the backstage right? Right? Haha! Actually nothing new, just a bunch of crazy girls go all high, non-stop of chit-chatting and non-stop of snapping photos. Hahahaha -end of story-. Here are my part of photos for that day:

Thanks Kittie for helping me snap this 'before' photos of mine.
Steve from number76 did my nekomimi (cat ears) hair that day! Sankyu~♥

Hair by number76
Makeup by Clio's makeup artists

One of the loveliest hairstyle from number76
The Nekomimi Hairstyle *lovessssss*

After make-up and hairdo, it was a long wait till the start of the show. We just keep on playing with our phones and cameras, snapping photos with all the girls, to leave a lot of traces of these fun girls in our cameras and phones. God knows how much I miss them...

with Caster babe.
One of the Top 3 winners. She looks like Snow White that night! Love her!!!

Outfit by Spicyholic.
Super love this flaming knit sweat and ombre dyed jeans! So rock, so me!

With Neve babe.

So hard to find the perfect angle to squeeze everyone into one frame. 

More photos!!!

Lumi and Caster~ Lumi looks like Mermaid Princess and Caster the Snow White.

Super love Lumi's ashy green mermaid locks. *envy*

With Caster and Neve

Wen Tung, the forever good girl-look in the bunch.

Another winner - Yushi!
She's so damn gorgeous and sexy okayyyy!

Vivian babe. She have the glamourous, fabulous rich taitai look. Haha.

Stole this photo from Fashionista Kittie's blog. Haha.

Forgot to snap individual photos with Veeian and Yumi (Sorry!!! T_T) It was a fun night, with all the fashionista who share the love for Japan fashion. I love the clothing, the make-up, the hairdo and all the people behind ViVi Malaysia!

Our Mamasan of the night - PohNee!
Love her hair~!

Toilet snaps. Haha.
Girls do what girls does best.

Why there are always -1 in the photo!!!
Kittie where are you!!!!!

My only friends who came to support me on the spot are Kevin and Peiyue. I know it's a weekday, kinda hard for others to attend the event, but thanks for all the supports I received be it on Twitter, FB, personal messages and of course - votes that you have voted for me! Thank you all!!! *mwah*

Photo grabbed from Peiyue's FB. lol.
If not for her there won't be any photos at all~
Thank you sis!!! 

Finalists won RM1700 worth of prizes!

Thanks for coming all the way to support me, love you two so much!!!

It is truly a great experience for this ViVi Star Search. Never ever once in my life I could've imagine myself appear in the fashion spread of ViVi Magazine. *another thing to cross-off my bucket list* Met all the happy people, the 9 girls who are so friendly yet crazy at the same time, the ViVi Malaysia team who are so hardworking and caring, hair and makeup team who consistently delivering good hairdo and makeup, photographers who never give up on us taught us posing, friends and family who supported me all along, a big heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you!!! I love you all!!!

ViVi Malaysia, SAIKO!!!! XD

And one last question: Have you bought this month's ViVi Malaysia? Go buy if you haven't!!! XD

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