Monday, April 8, 2013

WeChat Party 2013

WeChat as just organized a super fun party last week at Club Neverland for all the bloggers in town! Thanks to Nuffnang for the invites I get to join this awesome party that night and had so much fun snapping photos and chit-chatting with them (although we have to shout at each other, lol). 

The All-Green-Me at WeChat Party 2013

Reached the venue before 7pm and a lot of bloggers are there already! After register myself and waited for Fish's turn, then we quickly explore what kind of fun activities available for us to experience. Then we saw this:

WeChat's new photo-taking app!
And we get to print our photos on the spot, yay!

Chose different templates for our photos, they are so cute!

WeChat is our new way to connect!
Love the WeChat mascot plushie so much.

If you don't know, WeChat is a free mobile phone text and voice messaging app that's available to download in your smartphone's application store. WeChat has already reached 300million user worldwide as in January 2013 and counting. I really like how users of WeChat can text, voice messaging, photo/video sharing as well as broadcast message to different users at one time, making messaging an easier way in connecting people.

WeChat Party 2013, woots woots!

One of the fun activities on that night. Guess what this QR code does...

That's right! Scan QR Barcode and join the group chat!
So many witty bloggers out there with quirky replies. Haha. 

Not long after we took a seat somewhere near the stage, emcee of the night announced that the show will begin shortly, I can't wait to see who is the host and what entertainment lined up for our viewing pleasure.

Opening dance heat up the venue! Got our blood rushing and heart pumping as we watch them dance.

The funny host of the night - Rudy!
Such a long time didn't see him hosting, love how humour he is.

Opening speech by Mr. PoShu Yeung, the vice president of Tencent Holidays Limited.

Not long ago, WeChat had already announced their recently appointed ambassadors for Malaysia in a press conference - who is Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam. Their TVC that will be show on local TV channels are played during the WeChat party.

There are few versions of TVC, which you like most?

Just when we're still talking about the TVC, Vivian Chua was invited on stage to perform and shortly after, Henley Hii was on stage as well and both of them performed duet on stage. This is my first time watching Henley Hii perform live. He's good!

Ain't he a heartthrob? ;D

A short chat of both singers with Mr. Rudy.
Don't forget to follow their official account on WeChat and get upclose and personal with the celebrities you like!

Another celebrity performance - Awi Rafael

The whole party just keep us busy snapping photos of what's on stage. 10 guests were asked to go on stage to compete and the winner will get to walk away with a brand new iPad!!! The way that Mr. Rudy host the gaming session is so funny as well as all the replies in the group chat that were broadcast live on the spot. We had some pretty good laughs that night.

10 contestants, 9 consolation prize and 1 will walk away with a brand new iPad!

Congratulations to the winner!

The flow of the whole rundown of programmes that night was well-planned. Guests managed to chat to each other, helped ourselves with many varieties of food as dinner, enjoyed watching the performance, laughed at the jokes that Mr. Rudy and guests pulled as well as some pretty good dance when DJ SykoGroove doing his thing before another round of lucky draw session which will decide another winner of the night who will walks away with iPad! (Too bad I don't have name card!)

Spinning session by DJ SykoGroove!
Love how he drop the beat!

Snap photos with some of the bloggers that night. Everybody looks so gorgeous that night. Wish I could've snap more photos with more friends, but can't really find out where they sit, the whole place was so crowded, so hard to move around. lol.

with Senri.

with Fish.

with Stephy.

with Lisa

We stayed till the lucky draw session and hoped the iPad will be won by some of my friends, but too bad~ no luck.

Spinning session from DJ SykoGroove till late.

Thank you WeChat and Nuffnang for having me at this party~
Food, People, Goodies, Music = 100% FUN! XD

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