Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Can You Give Me Some Tissue?"

This is gonna be one of the most memorable Malacca trip among all, all thanks to le friend Kamsao who just created a "Classic Joke of The Year" (some say decade) at the Cockles stall near Jalan Bunga Raya.

Planned the trip for about a month and yes, finally we're here. Even though there's some slight changes of the people involved, but still glad we can make it.

We already planned our itinerary and with the google map apps in our smartphones, going places have never been so easy. Of course, our main purpose of this trip is to E A T! lol.

Had Popiah, Lala and some grilled tofu and fuchoks at the cockles stall. Everything is so delicious. Some of them is their first time there.

While we almost finish eating, Laogao asked for some wet tissue, Elise's bag was placed beside Kamsao so Kamsao reach into her bag and pull a packet out. Seriously, it was a sanitary napkin pack. All of us shocked and stunned, and we thought he was pulling a prank on Laogao. But hell no! He's going to tear off the freaking packet!!!! Elise quickly grab the sanitary pack back and all of us laughed and laughed until our stomach hurts so bad and we teared.

Oh my god Kamsao, nothing can express how funny the whole incident is and I'm sorry I just gotta write it here on my blog and share. Freaking hilarious can???!!!! Hahahahahaha. He say he don't know it was a sanitary pack, he thought it was a wet tissue pack because in colour and looked the same. LOL!!!

Really can't wait for more funny things to happen during this trip.

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