Friday, May 31, 2013

Kérastase Initialiste Blogger Workshop

This gotta be one of the most exquisite blogger workshop I've ever attended. Kérastase, many have heard and testified this number one luxurious hair care products. I'm feeling lucky for getting the chance to try on their newly launched scalp and hair serum - Initialiste.

Kérastase Initialiste, this is gonna be a great experience.

Kérastase, being the first class brand in the industry of hair care products, there are many testimonials been made by customers that how their hair texture and hair care experience have improved ever since they get in touch with Kérastase. As this is my first time trying Kérastase product, I'm anticipating the result as my hair is pretty much damaged lately due to all the chemical treatments I've made to them. *sobs*

Products from Kérastase, cater for each needs.

Thanks for the Tammy's introduction, I get to join the blogger workshop which introduces Kérastase latest scalp and hair serum - Initialiste which by that time, just newly launched in the market. The blogger workshop were held at a all-white classy hair salon called Razor Edge at One Utama, Old Wing and we're the very first batch of bloggers who gets to try on the no.1 serum and it was truly an amazing experience.

Razor Edge

Nicole introducing the Kérastase Initialiste through the video.

A welcome speech by the owner of Razor Edge hair salon.

Right after that, we're being lead into a private room, a room that prepares for the 4 of us to enjoy the experience of Kérastase Initialiste. We found our name on a hand-written card and seated accordingly on the comfy salon sofa, with flowers and towel specially prepared for us. The product introduction will be done by viewing slides using an iPad! Swift!

Clean, simple and comfortable, me likey!

What a tasteful decoration by Kérastase.
I wonder is this how French do it.

Kérastase, established in year 1964 in France, the brand has never stop doing research in advancing their technology of hair care. Initialiste is the result of a 24 years stem cells research that has been done by Kérastase.

Initialiste - The 1st scalp and hair miracle serum.

Yes, Initialiste is the very first skincare-inspired scalp and hair serum that's been launch to the market in April. People realised that stem cells boosts our cells regeneration in a faster speed, that's why stem cells used in skincare for skin repair isn't something new in the skincare industry, but none has thought of the stem cells in scalp and hair care serum, and Kérastase has spent 24 years of doing research and finally developed Initialiste as the FIRST and number 1 hair care serum in this industry, the brand is truly a pioneer in the field of hair care.

Kérastase Product Educator - Anderson, briefly go through with us the story of Initialiste and the product's information. 

Besides product information, Anderson taught us how to use the product.
It is easy as 1-2-3 that one can just apply the product by themselves at home.

This super serum contributes the 4 attributes of total hair beauty: Strength, Shine, Softness and Substance. These are the results that everyone is seeking for whenever they apply haircare products, and just by 7 days of usage, visible result of hair transformed can be felt. The ingredients of Initialiste is the stem cells of plant such as green apple to nourishes and regenerate the stem cells of our hair so that it'll replenishes the growth of it.

The serum is light and smells refreshing too, just like green apple.

The purpose of the workshop is to let us witness the effectiveness of Initialiste even just one time application. After viewed the slides and listened to Anderson's explanation, I really can't wait to see what the super serum can do to my hair. I really, really hope it can save my hair. Here comes the moment that I've been waiting for. 

My hair, before wash and before applying Initialiste.
Pretty much damaged isn't?

On the side note, hair wash and hair treatment masque were using Kérastase's as well, from the Elixir Ultime 24-Carat regimen. I enjoyed the hair washing session so much, felt so pampered by the hair salon and the whole Kérastase team.

Wearing a Kérastase coat, ready to experiment the all new Initialiste super serum.

Divide your hair into sections: Fine hair - 3 sections and mine, which have slightly thicker hair, 4 to 5 sections. Apply one full pipette of Initialiste hair serum onto the scalp. You hear me right, the serum isn't for your hair, but for the hair roots and scalp, the core for hair growth, and where the stem cells are located.

Apply one full pipette of serum throughout the line of the section.

Feels good~!

Once done applying, massage the entire head to distribute the serum entirely and voila, done!

See, like I mentioned before, it is easy as 1 2 3! Wanna see the result with just the first time application?

Blow dry my hair first! Haha.

Tadaaa~! My hair after applying Kérastase Initialiste for the first time.

Kèrastase Initialiste is the only product they applied onto my hair scalp after wash. I am amazed by the result because my hair became smoothen, strengthen and volumized with just the first application. Initialiste strengthen the hair from the roots, throughout the whole application and blow dry process, only a few strands of hair dropped that's all. My hair is soft eventhough not applying any leave-on moisturiser, that is what truly made me believe that Initialiste is THE product for my hair, the solution and answer for hair beauty.

Kérastase Initialiste, my number 1 super serum I would say!

Zheng Norah, Tammy and Lisa enjoyed the workshop as much as I did!

Trust me, even you have a full make-up on face, if the hair doesn't look healthy or pretty, the whole looks of that day will be ruined. Thanks to Kérastase for understanding women needs of healthy and beautiful hair that 24 years of research leads to the born of Initialiste which 9 out of 10 women saw the result after one week of usage:

  • 89% agree their hair is shinier
  • 87% felt their hair is thicker and more substance
  • 86% felt their hair is stronger and softer to the touch

Yes, we saw that too! I enjoyed this blogger workshop so much, thanks to Kérastase Malaysia team and Razor Edge Hair Salon. Of course, thanks to Tammy who invited me over to take part in this luxurious haircare experience.

We're all set to go shopping and a girls day out with our beautiful-looking hair!

Kérastase Initialiste 60ml selling at RM180, you can get it at any Kérastase partnership hair salon throughout Malaysia. (Find all the salons near you here!). Check out Kérastase Malaysia Facebook for more information on Initialiste and other Kérastase hair products that suits your needs.

Razor Edge (1 Utama, Old Wing)
S10 & S11 2nd Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Petaling Jaya
03 77266339

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

また Hair Color Change

Is time for hair color change again. Not really a drastic one but I can't really decide what hue should I go for with the black. 

Blue or purple?

Artisan Roast Coffee

Just like every other girl, I'm totally obsessed over cozy lil cafe that serves good coffee, but honestly, I'm not a coffee person but more to a chocolate person. Well, I just love the ambience of a nice cafe.

Been hearing bout Artisan Roast Coffee for quite some time, but never visit one before because I'm kinda unsure bout their location, until my friend brought me to the one located at TTDI, that's my first encounter with Artisan.

When I walked into the cafe, the first thing I can remember is the whole cafe is filled with aromatic coffee smell that makes people feel so relaxing! The artwork on wall, the friendly baristas, the cozy lighting and sofas, the place is perfect for a mini getaway.

I had a cup of Mocha and my friend recommended a slice of their smooth cheese cake which is so rich and creamy, bet the cheese lover out there will crave for it!

As much as I love the atmosphere at Artisan, I find that I don't really fit in the place in terms of their coffee. I like chocolate based drinks like Mocha, and syrup to me is a must or else the cuppa will be too bitter. That's what happened to my cup of Mocha, tad bit bitter. I studied the chart flow drew on their wall and yes, I'm in the wrong cafe I guess. lol.

Nonetheless, Artisan is really a nice place to chill, perfect blend of coffee and art.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bag of Love Unzipping Tea Party

It was one of the most girlish afternoon I can ever recalled, an afternoon with girls dressing up, cakes, lollipops, and skincare beauty goodies zipped up in a lil bag prepared with love. Thanks to Bag of Love, Delectable Treats from Delectable by Su, The Butterfly Project and Tammy for the arrangement, 50 bloggers were invited to the Bag of Love Unzipping Tea Party. The very first unzipping event for beauty 'box' held at Malaysia.

Delectable by Su, Paradigm Mall

Super love all the lovely decorations in the shop.

These, are sponsored by none other than Tammy!
Thank you my beloved mamasan. lol

One lollipop for each of us and there are Seven Sins of Chocolate in mini size.
I wish I can have one right now.

More desserts - cupcakes, nuts, marshmallows and chocolate balls.
Om nom nom nonstop.

If it wasn't for the passion of sharing stuff about beauty and skincare, the passion of blogging, this tea party wouldn't been organized and Tammy's generosity really inspired me alot. She is one role model that I look up to in this blogosphere who constantly give instead of receive, just like this tea party, she sponsored the party package, pay from her own pocket. I'm really touched by her generous act.

Same goes to Mimi, the founder of Bag of Love. Her passion about beauty, skincare and wanting to share with people around her has made her start the Bag of Love business. It is the love of being beautiful and the heart of sharing that drives the former-beauty-magazine-writer to making her dream come true.

On that very day of the tea party, Mimi was featured on the newspaper.
Read her story here!

Highlight of the day - Little Beauty Bag
by Bag of Love.

Before we unzip the little beauty bag which stuff with surprises, of course, the organizers have something to say...

Tammy, represents The Butterfly Project
Giving a short introduction of the days programme.

Pretty Mimi, giving a short opening speech, and officially announce...

Here starts the unzipping ceremony of the April version's Bag of Love.

In the count of 1, 2, 3, the surprise in the bag shall be reveal...

TADAA!!! These are all the beauty goodies that can be found in April's Bag of Love.
And yes, you see it right, there's a brush included!!!

Same concept as beauty boxes, but in a bag (what can we do with all the boxes anyway right?). Each month different design, Bag of Love shares beauty and skincare products which Mimi found good and useful. Different design of bag each month, each selected and packed by the full-of-love founder, and then send to their respective subscribers. So far, the response to Bag of Love was tremendous that the first and second beauty bag were completely sold out!

As promised by Mimi, no sachets will be found inside these beauty bags as she knows how it feels when subscribers paid but only receive sachets. All the products that she includes in each month's beauty bag will be deluxe sample size/travel size item. Now that's what we called: A beauty bag that's prepared with full of love.

In conjunction of Earth Month, April's Bag of Love design is eco-friendly with no chemical bleach.
Say yes to loving the earth beauty lovers!

As aforementioned, the beauty bag unzipping tea party took place at Delectable Treats, Paradigm Mall. Delectable by Su isn't some strange name that pops up from no where, their distinguish reputation of fine cakes and desserts won hearts of dessert cravers. I am one fan of theirs and my pick will always be the 7 sins of Chocolate.

In conjunction with the tea party, Delectable by Su sponsored their Afternoon Tea set which at that time, has yet to be launch (means you can get your afternoon tea set at Delectable Treats at Paradigm Mall outlet now!). And Oh-Em-Gee that their afternoon tea set consists of delicious macarons, cakes, cookies and aromatic tea.


Afternoon tea set for 2 is absolutely enough to fill tummy of 4 person.
We can't finish all.

Chocolate cake and macarons are what I love most!

The Afternoon Tea set is available everyday, from 2pm - 6pm at Delectable Treats, Paradigm Mall outlet. You can choose Tea Set for 1 for RM15( 1 of each 8 items) or Tea Set for 2 for RM28(2 of each 8 items). Their items are as below:

  • Spicy Sausage Puff
  • Chocolate Macaron
  • Roasted Cashews
  • Carrot Cakes
  • Moist Chocolate Cake
  • 2 Delectable Cookies
  • Cherry Almond Cake

Call 03-78875157 for booking of the afternoon tea set as limited set available. Whenever you pre-book an afternoon tea set, you'll get a cute limited edition fabric button badge from Delectable Treats! There are 5 designs to be collect! 

Cute, Sweet, limited edition fabric button badges!!!

It was one of the most relaxing afternoon I've had recently with beauty lovers, dessert lovers, selca-lovers and of course, if weren't for this thoughtful lady, none of these can be done...

Thank you cute meow meow Tammy.

Photo with Mimi and Tammy.
They are the superstars of the day, everyone just want to have a photo with them! Hahaha.

Details and Informations:

Bag of Love:
Facebook Page

Delectable Treats, Paradigm Mall:
03-78875157 (Pre-booking of afternoon tea set)
Delectable by Su Facebook Page

The Butterfly Project:
Facebook Page

OnlyBeauty Seremban Sales

Staying at Seremban? Lucky you! Organized by OnlyBeauty, there will be an OnlyBeauty sales take place at The Royale Bintang Resort & Spa, Seremban this weekend (25th & 26th May) from 10am to 10pm.

There will be sales up to 63% discount for personal care brand products such as L'oréal, Maybelline, Garnier and more! Do not miss this and bring your friends and family to visit! ^_^

For more information, do call 0123323168.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

La Senza Body Kiss Bloggers Party

Summer all year long in Malaysia you just wish your bras are from La Senza's Body Kiss Collection! Was so happy to be invited to one of the sexiest and funnest event - La Senza Body Kiss Bloggers Party which was held at KLCC's La Senza boutique. Thanks to The Butterfly Project, Tammy and La Senza for organizing this event for us bloggerlingeristas. 

Summer colours and neon hues.

Was a lil late to the event, but luckily I still get to participate their sassy game session, if I missed it I would really bang my head to the wall, because you know, it is so fun to run around and ransack the drawers at La Senza boutique to find for lollipop sticks. Bet none of you get to do that under normal circumstances hahaha.

The lollipop sticks found is the ticket to win in the game session and the winner gets 30 seconds to grab whatever she puts in the shopping bag, which has to be the size of the winner. Great reward to be the winner, so each and everyone of us are so eagerly searching all the drawers, the whole place is at war. Hahahaha. Bad news is, I got none. Zero. SAD!!!!!!

Showdown time to both of them because they have 4 lollipop sticks each.

She is the winner!!!!

This is the first time I roam around freely and really into looking, touching and feeling the Body Kiss collection by La Senza. It is invisible, it is smooth, it is sexy and it is available in 7 fashionable choices of colours and designs.

Leopard prints, neon hues, summer colours, lace and diamonds, so beautiful and sexy!

For invisibly sexy fit!

Fun night with all the girls at La Senza. 

To all the Lingeristas out there, La Senza is gonna spice up your summer days with a ONE DAY ONLY shopping spree at La Senza boutiques this SATURDAY (25th May 2013). So mark your calendar and set reminder in your phone because these are what waiting for you:
  • Smashing discounts up to 40% off!
  • Prestige VIP gets additional 10% off! (That means up to 50% off!)
  • Get a panty with any Body Kiss bra purchase for absolutely FREE!!!

That is not all! For this Saturday, visit these four La Senza outlet (Pavilion, Suria KLCC, 1 Utama and Sunway Pyramid) for the amazing gifts when you purchase a bra from the Body Kiss collection.

  • Be the FIRST Lingerista who buys a Body Kiss bra and ge a RM300 La Senza Gift Card
  • Be the next 30 Lingeristas who buys a Body Kiss bra and get a La Senza goodie bag worth up to RM150
  • Be the next 100 Lingeristas who buys a Body Kiss bra and get a La Senza goodie bag worth up to RM50

Of course there's this MEGA HUGE OFFER going on for a limited time:

Enjoy a limited time offer of Buy 1 Get 1 60% off.
Applies to Body Kiss Collection only.

Get the fun and sexy bra from the Body Kiss Collection today.
Brought to you by La Senza.

Do drop by at La Senza boutiques for more information! xoxo Lingeristas.