Friday, May 10, 2013

Into Galaxy

Such a busy day today that my phone battery almost died in the end of the day despite I've been charging it when I was in the midst of photoshooting.

Today, did photoshoot with Noelle, Japanese dinner and movie date with Arisa - Star Trek Into Darkness in 3D. Its OMGAWESOME 3D visual really brings us to another galaxy, literally. Good plot, good casts, good visuals, good seats (seats located at center of the row!!!), such a good movie watching experience. Thanks Arisa for the tickets!

Side note: Finally see Arisa consume food in front of me. Guess I can die in pieace because if you know Arisa well like how Tammy, Jean them are - She seldom eat in front of us! So happy that we finally had our Sushi date today. Way you go girl!

Busy schedule for upcoming days, better sleep now before it's too late. Gonna dream of beautiful galaxy tonight!

1 comment:

Arisa Chow said...

ur beauty filter so awesome ah XD my pimples all hilang dy <3 Thankiuu for being my date tonight dear!! :D